Intellectual Item

By their side is the only companion they’ll need in life: a sword that talks.

The intellectual item is an archetype of the swordsman class.

Linked Blade

At 1st level, the swordsman gets a sword that is dormant in its intelligence, and only awakens at 3rd level. The sword gained at 1st level is free. This ability at 1st level does not replace any previous abilities.

At 3rd level, the true power of the linked blade awakens. The blade progresses similarly to the bladebound’s black blade, except the abilities gained at select levels are different.

Linked Blade Basics

A linked blade is bonded to a particular swordsman, much like a familiar, but in more of a partnership than a master-servant relationship.

Intelligence: This is the intelligence score of the linked blade. It starts at 10 and increases by 1 for every two levels of the intellectual item swordsman (at 3rd level, 5th level, and so on).

Wisdom and Charisma: As the intellectual item swordsman increases in level, so do the Wisdom and Charisma of the linked blade. These abilities start at 6 and increase by 1 for every two levels of swordsman.

Ego: A linked blade starts with an ego of 5, and that ego increases as the blade becomes more powerful, as per Table: Linked Blade Progression below. In cases where a wielder and the linked blade come into conflict, like any intelligent item, a linked blade can attempt to exert its dominance (see Intelligent Items). Due to its flexible and powerful nature, a linked blade has a nonstandard ego progression.

Languages and Skills: A linked blade starts with Common as a language. As the linked blade increases in Intelligence, it manifests knowledge of languages and arcane lore. Upon reaching an Intelligence of 12, it gains a bonus language of the GM’s choice, and gains 1 rank in Knowledge (arcana). Each time the sword gains a bonus to Intelligence, it gains another language and another rank in Knowledge (arcana).

Senses: A linked blade is aware of everything around it like a creature that can see and hear. It can be blinded and deafened as if it were a creature. It uses the saving throws of its swordsman, even if the swordsman is not currently wielding the linked blade.

Linked Blade Ability Descriptions

A linked blade has special abilities (or imparts abilities to its wielder) depending on the wielder’s swordsman level. The abilities are cumulative. A linked blade normally refuses to use any of its abilities when wielded by anyone other than its swordsman, and acts as a masterwork weapon of its type.

Unbreakable: The linked blade cannot be destroyed, unlike the black blade which can if it loses the points of its arcane pool.

Telepathy: The linked blade can communicate with its wielder telepathically if he is within 30 ft of the blade.

Devilish Strike: As a free action once per day, the linked blade can grant itself a competence bonus to damage equal to its intelligence modifier.

Targeted Strike: As a free action once per day, the linked blade can choose to designate a target that the swordsman is attacking. Said target takes an additional +d6 of precision damage equal to the linked blade’s enchantment bonus (maximum of 5d6).

No Remorse: As a free action once per day, the linked blade can grant its wielder a +5 competence bonus on intimidate checks made against one enemy during battle.

Don’t Die On Me: Once per day as a free action, the linked blade can prevent its master from dying by granting him 2d10 + enchantment bonus of HP back. This HP is permanent and does not disappear, however if this does not bring him past 0 he is still considered bleeding out.

Ego Strike: Expending its use of targeted strike and devilish strike, the linked blade can grant its wielder a competence bonus to attack and damage equal to its ego score. After using this, the swordsman must make a will save or be taken over by his linked blade.

This replaces the bonus feat gained at 3rd level.

Linked Blade Training I

At 1st level, the intellectual item gains weapon focus and weapon specialization with his linked blade.

This replaces Sword Training I

Linked Training

Whenever the linked blade gains a new “sword training” ability, the choice they select only applies to their linked blade as opposed to applying to any sword wielded.

Intelligent Items

A linked blade is independently conscious but features some personality traits reflecting its wielder. A linked blade always has the same alignment as its wielder and even changes its alignment if its wielder does. The blade typically works toward its wielder’s goals, but not always without argument or backlash. Each linked blade has a mission, and while sometimes two or more linked blades will work in concert, each mission is singular in purpose (the linked blade’s mission is usually up to the GM and the needs of the campaign or the adventure, or a GM can determine the weapon’s purpose randomly using Table: Intelligent Item Purpose). Some linked blades are very open about their missions, but most are secretive.

Table: Linked Blade Progression

Swordsman Class Level Enhancement Bonus Int Wis/Cha Ego Special
3rd–4th +1 11 7 5 Unbreakable, Telepathy, Devilish Strike
5th–6th +2 12 8 8 Targeted Strike
7th–8th +2 13 9 10
9th–10th +3 14 10 12 No Remorse
11th–12th +3 15 11 14
13th–14th +4 16 12 16 Don’t Die On Me
15th–16th +4 17 13 18
17th–18th +5 18 14 22 Ego Strike
19th–20th +5 19 15 24

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