Death Dealer

A death dealer brandishes his blade in waiting, cold eyes watching as his target leaves a local pub…that’s when they must do their dark deed, and take a life using their deadly weapon.

The death dealer is an archetype of the swordsman class.

Alignment: A death dealer cannot be Good or Lawful (aside from Lawful Evil).

Deadly Training I

Instead of the regular Sword Training options listed for the death dealer, they gain one of the two abilities at first level (their choice).

Poisoned Style: The death dealer is trained in adding poisons onto his blade in order to ensure his opponents won’t be getting away. He gains Poison Use.

Swift Style: Quick on their feet in a chase, the death dealer doesn’t let those he is hunting escape. He gains a +10 bonus to their movement speed.

This replaces Sword Training I.

Deadly Pool

At 2nd level, the death dealer gains a pool of tricks he can use while in combat that’s equal to his intelligence modifier. He can use this pool to do the following below. Using any ability below is a swift action.

Gain a +5 bonus to movement speed for 2 rounds.

Gain a +1 on attack rolls and damage rolls for 2 rounds.

Gain a +2 on one skill check for 2 rounds.

This replaces Uncanny Dodge.

Deadly Training II

The death dealer must select Eastern Style as his Sword Training.

This changes Sword Training II.

Smoke Bomb

At 6th level, the death dealer can use the Smoke Bomb ninja trick as if he were a ninja of his level. This spends points from his deadly pool instead of his ki pool.

This replaces Evasion, and the death dealer gains evasion at 14th level instead.

Deadly Training III

At 9th level, the death dealer gains one of the two abilities listed below.

Deadly Critical: The death dealer gains Improved Critical as a bonus feat, and gains a +5 competence bonus on critical confirms.

Sapping Strike: Twice per day, the death dealer can make a single attack roll against an adjacent enemy. Upon a successful hit, the death dealer deals 2 points of ability damage to one of the enemies’ stats, and that ability damage is transferred as a competence bonus to one of the death dealer’s stats for 1 minute.

This replaces Sword Training III.

Deadly Training IV

At 13th level the death dealer gains one more ability from the following two options.

Assassin: This functions as the Advanced Rogue Talent, using their death dealer level as their rogue level, and their intelligence modifier for the saving throw.

Debilitating Blow: Once per day, if an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from the death dealer, he can make a single attack roll against them at his highest attack bonus. If it hits, the target is reduced to 5 ft speed and falls prone (even if they were flying).

This replaces Sword Training IV.

Deadly Training V

The death dealer learns one last ability to help him on his travels as a true bringer of death.

Stall Life: If an enemy is brought to -1 or lower hit points by a strike from the death dealer, they can spend a point from their deadly pool to make an additional attack upon the enemy. This can be used even if a full attack was not performed.

Black Heart: As a free action, the death dealer can enter a pure bloodlust. He gains a +4 morale bonus to his dexterity and intelligence. This can be used twice per day, and once ended the death dealer is fatigued. The second time it is used if the death dealer is already fatigued, he is instead exhausted.

This replaces Sword Training V.

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