Boastful Champion

Warriors who enjoy the adrenaline of battle, these battlers channel the force of their personality through a crowd, or simply through his allies.

The boastful champion is an archetype of the swordsman class.

Forceful Personality

Unlike the regular swordsman, the boastful champion uses his Charisma modifier rather than intelligence for his abilities and saving throws for his abilities.

Sword Training II

At 5th level, the boastful champion chooses between these two abilities.

Arena Training: Gain a performance feat as a bonus feat. This can be used with any sword the boastful champion is currently wielding.

Axe Kick: As part of a full attack, the boastful champion can chain a kick into his attacks. Either at the beginning or the end of the attack, he makes an attack at his highest attack bonus. If the attack hits the target must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 boastful champion level + charisma modifier) or fall prone from the sheer force of the kick.

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