Inspired Punisher

While the normal steam blade tends to show off with his blade work and abilities, the inspired punisher seeks to use his cunning to show enemies the truest form of pain.

The inspired punisher is an archetype of the steam blade class.

Knowledgeable Handling

An inspired punisher knows how to take care of his blade and work his abilities through his training with his mind. An inspired punisher uses his Intelligence modifier on steam blade abilities that require his Charisma modifier.

Director of Arms

The inspired punisher gains one teamwork feat as a bonus feat. He can apply to himself and one ally within 30 ft as a swift action. This can be used a number of times per day equal to his intelligence modifier, and lasts for a number of rounds equal to half his inspired punisher level. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack and cannot grand multiple feats to the same ally, however multiple uses of this ability can be used to grant different allies the same bonus.

This replaces Heat Sink at 1st level. The inspired punisher doesn’t gain Heat Sink (Lv. 1) until 5th level.

Brilliant Edge

An inspired punisher can make a single attack at his highest base attack bonus against two foes that are adjacent to him. If the attack roll hits both enemies, they are both pushed back 5 ft and must make a fortitude save not to become staggered (DC 10 + half inspired punisher level + intelligence modifier). This causes the blade to cool down for 3 rounds.

This replaces Razor Edge.

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