Driven Techniques

Name of Technique Prerequisites Benefit
Advanced Eagle Eye Steam Blade 12 Expend 2 uses of Eagle Eye to give an enemy a weakness to an element.
All Knowing Expend a use of Eagle Eye to make a Knowledge check on an enemy.
Amateur Cartridge Crafter Steam Blade 4, 1 rank in Craft (Cartridge) A steam blade can create a cartridge with a successful Craft (Cartridge)
Channeled Drive Levels in a class with Channel Energy Expend a use of Channel Energy to use “Channeled Smite”.
Charged Edge Steam Blade 4 Use Razor Edge while charging, however it doubles the cool down.
Cooling Edge Steam Blade 6 Make a melee attack and use Heat Sink at the same time.
Damning Edge Smite class feature Doubles Charisma modifier to attack and adds additional damage.
Elemental Edge Imbues steam blade with a specific element of the steam blade’s choice.
Elemental Boon Steam Blade 8, Elemental Drive Gain resistance 5 against the element equipped.
Elemental Drive Steam Blade 6 Cause opponent to be weak to element equipped.
Empowered Cartridge Increase the damage dealt with elemental cartridges.
Exploding Edge Steam Blade 10 Causes the blade to explode while it is cooling down.
Extra Slot Gain an additional slot for the steam blade.
Familiar Gains a familiar.
Guarding Strike Give an ally a +4 Shield bonus to AC as a standard action.
Overdrive Steam Blade 16 Give a weapon 10d6 elemental damage.
Soul Cartridge Steam Blade 10 Inserts a creature’s soul into an empty cartridge.
Splashing Elements Steam Blade 4 Elemental cartridge splashes into enemies’ squares.
Weakening Edge Steam Blade 8 Deal additional damage to enemies with a weakness to an element.
Blazing Fury Flaming Burst Cartridge Deal additional damage with
Twin Blade Dance Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse Use Weapon Finesse on Slim Steam Blades, and add Dexterity modifier to damage while duel wielding.
Blunt Edge Steam Blade 4 Deal nonlethal damage without a penalty to attack.
Possessed Cartridge Trap a ghost into an empty cartridge.
Deadly Edge Increase the DC of a Coup de Grace.
Edgy Edge Steam Blade 6 Deal increased damage to self and opponent.
Overhead Swing Trained in Acrbatics, Steam Blade 4 Attack an opponent with a powerful downwards swing.
Strained Cool Steam Blade 6 Become fatigue to Heat Sink the steam blade faster.
Irradiated Edge Steam Blade 10 Deal constitution drain with the steam blade.
Staying Edge Stop an opponent in his tracks.
Dematerializing Edge Steam Blade 18 Deal massive damage to a single enemy.


Advanced Eagle Eye
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 12th level
Description: Expends 2 uses of the eagle eye ability as a swift action to give an enemy a weakness to an element. They can’t already be resistant or immune to said ability.
All Knowing
Prerequisites: None
Description: Expend a use of eagle eye to learn information about an enemy that Knowledge (Arcana) or Knowledge (Engineering) would give information about in addition to learning their resistances and weaknesses.
Amateur Cartridge Crafter
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 4th level, 1 rank in Craft (Cartridge)
Description: The steam blade may take 1 hour to prepare a cartridge containing a +1 weapon special ability within it that lasts for 1 day, after which it becomes inert and must be crafted again. The steam blade must make a Craft (Cartridge) check DC 20 + Weapon Special Ability bonus to create the cartridge. Failure results in a cursed cartridge that has the opposite effect of what it should do (for example: a flaming cartridge would deal damage to you instead of the opponent).
Blazing Fury
Prerequisites: Flaming Burst Cartridge
Description: The steam blade adds his charisma modifier (minimum of 1) onto his damage when using the Flaming Burst Cartridge. This damage is multiplied on a critical hit. This takes 3 rounds to cool down.
Blunt Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 4
Description: Making any non-lethal attacks with his steam blade take no penalties for the round this was engaged on. This takes 2 rounds to cool down. If the steam blade has any feats that do this effect, he deals an additional +2 points of damage when using non-lethal attacks.
Channeled Drive
Prerequisites: Levels in a class with the Channel Energy class feature.
Description: Expends a use of Channel Energy to put “Channeled Smite” into the blade for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier. This takes 5 rounds to cool down.
Charged Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 4th level
Description: Allows the steam blade to use Razor Edge while charging, however the cool down is doubled when doing so.
Cooling Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 6th level
Description: The steam blade is able to make a single melee attack and use heat sink at the same time, however heat sink’s effect is halved.
Damning Edge
Prerequisites: Smite class feature
Description: When using Smite, the steam blade doubles his Charisma modifier to attack rolls, and adds an additional 4 points of damage per levels of steam blade or class with the smite feature. This takes 2 rounds to cool down.
Deadly Edge
Prerequisites: None
Description: With this edge active, the steam blade gets a +4 on his coup de grace’s fortitude DC. This bonus increases to +6 at 8th level, +8 at 14th level, and +10 at 18th level. This takes 2 rounds to cool down.
Dematerializing Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 18th level
Description: When using this edge, make a single attack against an opponent. If this attack hits, it deals 5d6 fire, 5d6 electricity, 5d6 acid, and 5d6 cold damage with a fortitude save for half on each damage. This takes 2 minutes to cool down.
Edgy Edge
Prerequisites: None
Description: Make a single attack against the opponent. If it is successful, you deal a number of damage to yourself equal to your class level + charisma modifier (minimum of 2). The damage dealt to yourself is added onto the damage of your steam blade. This damage does not affect foes who are immune to precision based damage. This takes 4 rounds to cool down.
Elemental Edge
Prerequisites: None
Description: The steam blade can imbue his blade with one of the following elements: cold, fire, electricity, or acid. This adds +1d6 of the chosen element to the blade. This stacks with any elemental cartridge within the steam blade. This takes 4 rounds to cool down.
Elemental Boon
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 8th level, Elemental Edge
Description: With an elemental cartridge inserted into the steam blade, the steam blade gains Resistance 5 of the energy type inserted within the blade. If he already has Resistance with that element, it is boosted by 5 points.
Elemental Drive
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 6th level
Description: If a steam blade scores a critical hit while his steam blade is equipped with an elemental cartridge, the opponent struck is considered weak to that element for 1d4+1 rounds.
Empowered Cartridge
Prerequisites: None
Description: Increases the damage once per day of an elemental cartridge to +1d8 instead of +1d6 (and +1d12 instead of +1d10 for burst cartridges.)
Exploding Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 10th level
Description: While the blade is cooling down, the steam blade can use his blade’s engine on his turn and cause it to explode during a single attack against an enemy. Said attack gains an additional +5d6 of fire damage and +5d6 of slashing damage upon it. It costs 5,000 gp to get a new engine for the steam blade.
Extra Slot
Prerequisites: None
Description: Gain another slot for the steam blade’s cartridge. These cartridges cannot conflict with each other (example: frost and flaming).
Prerequisites: None
Description: Gains a Familiar, as per the Wizard’s Familiar.
Guarding Strike
Prerequisites: None
Description: As a standard action, the steam blade can give an ally within reach a +4 shield bonus to AC.
Irradiated Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 10th level
Description: Deal high radiation damage along with normal damage to an opponent (fortitude save for partial). This takes 5 rounds to cool.
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 16th level
Description: Steam blades can once per day send their steam blade into an over drive for a number of rounds equal to their Charisma modifier. This causes the blade to gain an additional 16d6 elemental damage onto their attacks. The types of energy are as follows: fire, cold, electricity, or acid. This takes 1 minute to cool down.
Overhead Swing
Prerequisites: Trained in Acrobatics, Steam Blade 4th level
Description: Roll an acrobatics check (DC = enemies’ CMD). If successful the steam blade makes an attack roll at a +4 bonus, and deals double damage upon a successful hit. This damage is not modified by feats such as vital strike.
Possessed Cartridge
Prerequisites: None
Description: Once per day, the steam blade may attempt to capture a ghost he has encountered within his cartridge with a successful melee attack action against the ghost (will save to negate). Once the ghost’s spirit is engaged, the steam blade takes any ill effects the ghost may have had tied to it (if not, he takes 4d6 force damage with no save), and deals 4d6 force damage while the ghost is engaged. The ghost’s spirit fades away after one round, and its effect fades away after two.
Soul Cartridge
Prerequisites: Soul Blade 10th level
Description: Once a creature is slain, the steam blade can insert the creature’s soul into an empty cartridge. Once inside, the cartridge is considered to be either holy or unholy, depending on the original creature’s alignment. This cartridge fades after 1d4+1 days.
Splashing Cartridge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 4th level
Description: If the steam blade has an elemental cartridge equipped within his steam blade, he can cause the element to burst from the target’s square, harming all targets within 5 ft except for the steam blade.
Staying Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 4th level
Description: During an attack of opportunity, engage this edge. If the attack of opportunity is successful, the opponent stops at the point where it provoked from the steam blade. Damage dealt is halved. This takes 2 rounds to cool down.
Strained Cool
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 6th level
Prerequisites: Gain the fatigued condition to double his Heat Sink bonus on the cool down. If he uses this while still fatigued, he can use this ability again though he becomes exhausted. He cannot use this ability beyond being exhausted.
Twin Blade Dance
Prerequisites: Weapon Finesse, Two-Weapon Fighting
Description: While using Two-Weapon Fighting with his slim steam blades, the steam blade can use weapon finesse and add his dexterity modifier to damage. He must be attacking with both steam blades and not just one of them.
Weakening Edge
Prerequisites: Steam Blade 8th level
Description: If the foe has a weakness to an element equipped within the steam blade’s steam blade, the weakness is calculated as a x2 instead of a x1.5
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