Titanic Imprint

Though difficult to harness, the power of titans is invested within you which brings you closer to the divines. It is unknown whether the Titan descendant of yours was an Elysian or a Thanatonic until the power fully emerges at adulthood. Whatever the case, your destiny is ultimately yours to choose. Depending on the ancestor, your arm will bear marks inscribed in Abyssal or Celestial, signifying your heritage.

Code: With the might of a titan by your side, sheer power causes many people to lose themselves in their own might, however depending on the descendant, the bearer of this arm may have more control over themselves. Though the type of arm does not grant any in-game bonuses, players must choose whether there arm belongs to an Elysian Titan or Thanatonic Titan.

Power Swing (Ex)

As a full-round action, the Imprinted Arm can make a single massive blow against the enemy with one of the following bonuses upon the attack: +5 to hit, or +5 to damage. This can be used a number of times per day equal to their Constitution modifier.

Hard Knuckles (Ex)

At 2nd level, the Imprinted Arm may as a standard action rip a portion of the ground, ceiling, wall, or other solid material off and throw it at their enemy. This deals 1d8 points of bludgeoning damage and increases by 1d8 for every 4 levels thereafter (maximum of 5d8), and both Strength and Constitution are added as modifiers to damage. This can be used 3 + Constitution modifier times per day.

Giant Arm (Ex)

At 5th level your natural reach increases by 5 ft. with your Imprinted Arm. This increases by 5 ft. for every 5 levels thereafter (Maximum 20 ft. at 20th level).

Overwhelming Strike (Ex)

At 8th level as a full-round action you make an attack roll to a creature within your reach. If this attack is successful, the creature must make a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + half Imprinted Arm level + Constitution modifier) or be knocked prone. If the attack is successful and the fortitude is failed, deal maximum damage (this is modified on a critical hit). This cannot be used in conjunction with feats such as Vital Strike and Cleave.

Oversized Blow (Ex)

At 11th level the Imprinted Arm can as a swift action increase the size of his arm. Attacks made with the arm are counted as one size category larger for the sake of calculating damage. This lasts for 3 + Constitution modifier rounds, and can be used up to your Constitution modifier times per day.

Just a Scratch (Ex)

At 14th level when the Imprinted Arm takes damage from an attack, he gains a bonus to attack equal to the amount of damage dice rolled against him. (If a full attack is used against the Imprinted Arm, add up all of the damage dice in the full attack.) This bonus wears off on the start of the Imprint Arm’s next turn.

Hurling Arm (Ex)

At 17th level the Imprinted Arm can make a single attack against an opponent. If the attack is successful, roll a combat maneuver check. If the two of these are both successful, roll your damage normally and send the opponent back a number amount of feet equal to the damage dealt (rounded down to the nearest 5 ft. increment).

Titanic Brawler (Ex)

At 20th level the Imprinted Arm gains DR 5/- and as a standard action the Imprinted Arm can make a single attack against an opponent, and if the attack is successful the enemy is nauseated for 1 minute alongside with the normal damage.
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