Demonic Imprint

Demonic blood runs through your veins, manifesting itself in the form of a black and scaly arm, its energy calls out to cause chaos and destruction wherever it goes. Despite this, not everyone with the Demonic Imprint is evil by default, however the callings of destruction exist in the back of their mind.

Code: The demonic arm calls to you to make destruction and chaos, the blood of ancestors beckon you to perform evil deeds in the world. Your life with this imprint has been spent fighting off or fulfilling these urges, the arm drives you to destroy, attack others, and lash out against others. The Imprinted Arm must be any chaos.

Vicious Blow (Ex)

A number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier, you may as a full round action make a single melee attack against an enemy. If the attack roll is successful and the enemy is no more than one size category larger than you, make a second attack roll against any enemy within 20 ft. If the attack roll is successful, deal normal damage to the target and half damage to the second target. Even if the second attack is not successful, the first target is flung back to the nearest square adjacent to the second target.

Aura of Destruction (Su)

At 2nd level the Imprinted Arm gains a 20 ft. aura; if enemies in the aura fail their Will save (DC 10 + half Imprinted Arm level + Constitution modifier) they immediately gain the Shaken condition. This cannot scare them beyond shaken if they already are shakened. This aura can be turned on and off as a free action, however those who have failed their Will Save are still shakened. Regardless if they succeed or fail their save, foes are immune to the effects of this aura for 24 hours after.

Designated Malice (Ex)

At 5th level the Imprinted Arm may designate a single target. Upon designation, the Imprinted Arm gains a +2 to Attack against this target, and once this target is slain, the ability ends. This increases by +1 for every 5 levels thereafter. This ability can be used a number of times per day equal to half their Class Level.

Vicious Advance (Ex)

At 8th level the Imprinted Arm may spend a swift action to give themselves the Pounce ability for one round. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his Constitution modifier.

Mighty Swing (Ex)

At 11th level the Imprinted Arm can treat his attack as a Whirlwind Attack. Increase the reach of the Whirlwind Attack by 5 ft. when the Imprinted Arm uses this ability.

Demonic Resistances (Su)

At 14th level the Imprinted Arm gains DR 5/Good, and Immunity to Electricity and Poison, along with Resistance Acid 10, Cold 10, and Fire 10.

Powerful Uppercut (Ex)

At 17th level as a full round action, the imprinted arm may make a single attack at his highest BAB. If the Imprinted Arm hits, deal double his amount of damage dice to the enemy. This stacks with other feats and abilities that increase damage dice.

True Demon (Su)

At 20th level the Imprinted Arm is able to completely turn his body into a black scaly demonic monster. Once per day as a move action, the imprinted arm can turn his entire body into a demon, granting him DR 10/Good and Law, and giving himself a +5 Natural Armor to AC. This transformation lasts for 5 minutes and can be deactivated at any time as a free action.
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