Celestial Imprint

Purified by the rays of light, the nature of angelic beings course through your blood. The arm manifests as a white radiant glow surrounding the arm with feathers or scales accompanying it. As its powers are used, the glow intensifies.

Divine Influence: Imprinted Arms with this Imprint use Wisdom in place of Constitution for Imprinted Arm class abilities which call for it.

Code: Celestial blood calms the normally violent Imprinted Arm, giving them solace and clarity, even while mid-battle, and attempts to guide them on the path to good. The Imprinted Arm must be any non-evil.

Helping Hand (Su)

If an ally within 30 ft. fails his saving throw you may spend an immediate action to teleport adjacent to the ally. Both you and the ally take the original saving throw, and add ½ the Imprinted Arm’s level to the result. If the result is then a success, the effect is negated (even if it would otherwise be halved). This can be used a number of times per day equal to their Wisdom modifier.

Celestial Touch (Su)

At 2nd level the Imprinted Arm gains the ability to heal their allies with a touch. This functions as the Paladin’s Lay on Hands ability save that it can be used 3 + Wisdom modifier times per day and starting at 5th level whenever this ability is used on another creature the creature gains +1 Deflection bonus to AC, and +1 for every 5 levels thereafter.

Infected Grace (Su)

At 5th level the Imprinted Arm gains their Wisdom bonus (if any) on all saving throws. This does not stack with the Paladin’s Divine Grace, and only the highest of the two bonuses is used.

Sacred Power (Su)

At 8th level the Imprinted Arm may touch an ally as a standard action to grant them a sacred bonus to AC equal to their Wisdom modifier for a number of rounds equal to their Imprinted Arm level.

Banish Undead (Su)

At 11th level all undead become vulnerable to the Imprinted Arm’s unarmed strikes (+50% damage). Along with this, the Imprinted Arm deals double damage with their Celestial Touch against undead.

Angelic Resistances (Su)

At 14th level the Imprinted Arm gains DR 5/Evil and Immunity to Acid, Cold, and Petrification, along with Resistance Electricity 10 and Fire 10.

Divine Intervention (Su)

At 17th level when the Imprinted Arm makes an attack roll and fails, or when an attack roll is made against the Imprinted Arm and succeeds, the heavens may open up and force a reroll of the attack roll. If the attack was made by the Imprinted Arm, take the better result. If the attack was made by the opponent, take the worse result. Doing this is an immediate action, and this can be used once per day.

Blessed Armor (Su)

At 20th level the Imprinted Arm gains the ability to transform into a set of angelic armor that glows with holy light. Once per day as a move action the Imprinted Arm can transform into this armored form, the armor functions as a set of +5 fullplate with the righteous special ability upon it. This transformation lasts for 5 minutes and can be deactivated at any time as a free action, and the duration for this armor need not be consecutive.
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