Still Shield

Focused in almost the exact opposite of most dragoons, these mavericks choose to defend rather than charge forth recklessly.

The still shield is an archetype of the dragoon class.

Armor Proficiency

A still shield is proficient in heavy armor and tower shields. This replaces the normal dragoon armor proficiencies.

Stalwart Stance (Su)

While standing completely still, a still shield can activate their stalwart stance as a swift action. This grants them a +1 enchantment bonus to their armor or shield, and taking a -2 penalty to attack rolls. This enchantment bonus increases by +1 at 4th level and every 5 levels thereafter (to a maximum of a +5 enchantment bonus at 19th level)., the penalty to attack rolls increasing by 2 as well (to a maximum penalty of -10 at 19th level).

Upon reaching 4th level, the still shield can choose armor special abilities to apply to their armor or shield, so long as the armor is at least +1 already. These armor special abilities are limited to the following:

Arrow deflection, bashing, blinding, fortification (any), reflecting, and spell resistance (any).

This replaces reckless charge.

Dragoon’s Light Armor (Ex)

Able to perform just as well in the restrictions of armor as they could without it. They choose one of two things when gaining this ability, and once it is chosen it cannot be changed later. This bonus either reduces the Armor Check Penalty of armor being worn, or increases the Maximum Dexterity Bonus of the armor being worn. Half of this bonus applies to shields. This starts at +1 at 1st level, and increases by 1 for every 3 levels after 1st to a maximum of a 7 increase to Max Dex or 7 decrease to Armor Check Penalty.
This replaces Dragoon Momentum.

Dragoon Style (Ex)

Instead of the normal choices for dragoon styles, they must choose the shield style as presented below.

Shield Style

The still shield has a grasp on how to deflect damage from magical and unnatural sources. They receive only 75% damage from elemental damage and positive/negative energy damage.

Feat Selection: Shield Focus, Shield Focus Greater, Spellbreaker, Missile Shield, Shield Specialization, and Shield Specialization Greater


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