Injection Chemist

The injection chemist is an archetype of the alchemist class.

Injected Mutagen (Ex)

At 1st level, rather than making a potion for them to imbibe the injection chemist chooses to instead make a near-lethal dose of their mutagen in a needle format which they subsequently inject into their veins. When using their injected mutagen, the injection chemist treats it as if it were a normal mutagen, however he can share this mutagen with his allies.

Doing so is dangerous and could lead to more harm than good. If an ally uses the injected mutagen, they must succeed a fortitude save or suffer a -2 Constitution and -2 penalty on Will saving throws in addition to the mutagen’s normal penalties. The saving throw DC is 10 + half Injection Chemist level + Injection Chemist’s intelligence modifier.

If the injection chemist would gain access to the cognatogen ability, they can instead deliver cognatogens this way, save that the penalty on a failed fortitude save is instead a -2 Intelligence.

This alters Mutagen.

Injected Extracts (Ex)

An injection chemist can share their extracts with allies as if possessing the Infusion discovery.

This alters Extracts.

Syringe Spear Training (Ex)

An injection chemist gains Martial Weapon Proficiency (Syringe Spear) as a bonus feat, and can deliver extracts, poisons, and his mutagen through the syringe spear. Extracts which deliver touch attacks are still counted as touch attacks when being delivered through the syringe spear.

At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, the injection chemist gains a bonus combat feat from the following list, treating his injection chemist level as fighter levels; Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Lunge, Monkey Lunge, Critical Focus, Impaling Critical, Improved Impaling Critical, and Improved Critical. When selecting these feats, if he must choose a weapon (such as with weapon focus) he must choose the syringe spear as the weapon for the feat.

This ability replaces Bombs.

Swift Reload (Ex)

An injection chemist knows the ins and outs of a syringe spear, and thus can reload it with ease. It only takes him a swift action to load a poison, extract, or mutagen into the syringe spear.

This ability replaces Throw Anything.

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