Ether Mage

Using the raw form of magic that makes up the world, ether mages make themselves versatile in terms of casting spells.

The ether mage is an archetype of the wizard class.

Chosen Spellcasting

Tapping into the pure essence of magic sometimes referred to as the ‘ether’, an ether mage is an experimental sort whose practices may be dipping into the fundamental aspects of magic, or may merely be just another school of esoteric practice.

Ether mages can choose to make their spellcasting stat either their Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

This changes spellcasting.

Ether School

Instead of studying the typical schools of magic, an ether mage devotes themselves to the unnatural forces of the ether and the magic energies that flow throughout the world. You must still choose an opposition school.

Etheric Alteration (Su)

As a part of your spell preparation for the day, you can choose a number of spells equal to 1 + 1/4 of your level (minimum of 1) to alter with the strange powers of the ether. If a spell is prepared in this way, this spell’s school is treated as being 

Ether Trap (Su)

At 8th level the ether mage can cast one of their spells as an ‘ether trap’, a brief black-hole like creation which sucks in the magical energies around it. Doing this increases the spell level of the spell cast by 1 (but not the time to cast the spell), being treated like a metamagic feat for this purpose. If the spell is a touch attack or ranged touch attack, the attack must hit for this to activate, and if it’s a save the target must fail the save. In the target’s square a spinning vortex of the void hovers overhead, and all within a 10 foot radius burst surrounding them has a targeted dispel against them as per Dispel Magic.

This can be done a number of times per day equal to 3 + your casting attribute.

This alters arcane school.

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