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This page covers miscellaneous rule alterations and inclusions. These rules are not separated by type (for example being separated into combat rules or advancement rules).


Weapon Rules

Weapon Rules in Reignited are altered as follows;

Weapon groups are consolidated into much simpler lists, being categorized by the weapon’s type rather than “martial” or “exotic”. The weapon types included are

  • Simple (Alchemist’s Bombs, Unarmed Strikes, and Natural Attacks are considered “Simple” weapons)
  • Sword (Knives and daggers are included)
  • Polearm
  • Axe
  • Hammer (Cudgels and maces are included)
  • Bow (Crossbows are included)
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Exotic
  • Siege

Stamina Points

Stamina is a new resource encompassing a character’s ability to press their body in order to complete some strenuous or potent task, including¬†Weapon Techniques. Some class features (such as Gunslinger’s Grit) are rolled into becoming Stamina.

Stamina is a per-day resource, and after 8 hours of rest it restores to its full uses.

Characters have Stamina Points equal to;

Character Level + Constitution Modifier + Miscellaneous Bonuses

Second Wind

Once per day a character can spend an immediate action to recover from a grievous injury and keep going, enabling them to keep themselves fighting just a little longer. Characters using Second Wind recover an amount equal to their Character Level + Constitution Score.

Even if a character has abilities to take multiple second winds in a day, they can only take a second wind once per encounter.