Custom Creations

This page includes some new or custom rules for various subjects. Use or discard at your leisure, they are just things we (or others) have come up with.


This page includes links to:

  • Downloadable PDF copy of the Paizo PRD. Note that this is not a PDF copy of the PFRPG PDF that Paizo sells but instead a downloaded copy of the PRD website which has all images and formatting removed in the interests of being a faster resource. Try it out and see if you like it.
  • Downloadable HTML copy of this site for offline browsing. This is an offline copy of THIS site and retains most formatting and layout. Warning though, it was made based on the previous layout and does not include the expanding left site menu or any updates since it was created.
  • Paizo-themed wallpapers.

Pathfinder FAQ

This page is an unofficial compilation of posts and clarifications to the final rules made by Jason or other Paizo folks on the Paizo messageboards which has not been assembled into any other location as yet.

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