Cost 30 gp Weight 2 lbs.
Damage 1d4 (small), 1d6 (medium) Critical x3 Type piercing
Range Increment 60 ft. (projectile)
Category ranged Proficiency martial
Weapon Group bows

A shortbow is made up of one piece of wood, about 3 feet in length.

You need two hands to use a bow, regardless of its size. You can use a shortbow while mounted. If you have a penalty for low Strength, apply it to damage rolls when you use a shortbow. If you have a bonus for high Strength, you can apply it to damage rolls when you use a composite shortbow, but not a regular shortbow. A shortbow fires arrows.

Eastern Version: Hankyu This shorter bow is similar to the diakyu in form and construction and is equivalent to a shortbow.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. Copyright 2009, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Jason Bulmahn, based on material by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, and Skip Williams.

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