Elven Leafblade

Price 40 gp; Type light exotic melee; Weight 3 lbs.

Dmg (S) 1d3 Dmg (M) 1d4; Crit 18-20/x2; Damage Type P/S

Elves have traditionally eschewed the use of larger weaponry, opting instead for lighter weapons that take advantage of their wielders’ agility and poise. The elven curve blade is perhaps the best-known weapon in this category, but the leafblade (often partnered with the substantially longer thornblade) embraces these fighting styles to an even greater extent.

This short sword has a blade reminiscent of a long, narrow leaf and is suitable both for slashing swings and targeted thrusts. These weapons are designed to be wielded alongside elven thornblades. Attacks with an elven leafblade gain a +2 bonus on attack rolls made to confirm critical hits.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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