Arrow, Thistle

Cost 1 gp Weight 0.15 lb.

Source PC:CS

These arrows are a specialty of the Ekujae shamans, who craft the arrowheads out of the thistles of a toxic plant that most creatures find highly caustic. They deal normal damage but then become embedded in the wound and deal an additional 1 point of damage each round for 1d6 rounds from their irritating sap. Creatures immune to poison are immune to this extra damage. A creature can remove an embedded thistle arrow as a move action without provoking attacks of opportunity, but doing so deals an additional 1d3 points of damage as the thorny barbs are pulled free. A DC 12 Heal check (made as a standard action) can pull free a thistle arrow’s head without dealing any additional damage. A single thistle arrow costs 1 gp.

Source PC:AA

Benefit: Crafted from the thistles of a poisonous plant, these barbed arrows deal damage as a bleed effect for 1d6 rounds after a hit.

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