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The most basic and primitive type of ship, a raft is a simple, flat boat with no hull, often made of logs lashed together, using two to four oars for propulsion. Rafts are not designed for ocean travel. A raft cannot carry any siege engines.

Large ship
Squares 1 (10 ft. by 10 ft.) Cost


AC 9; Hardness 5
hp 30 (oars 20)
Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 30 ft. (muscle); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB +1; CMD 11
Ramming Damage 1d8


Propulsion muscle or current
Sailing Check Diplomacy or Intimidate (when using muscle); Profession (sailor) (when using current)
Control Device oars
Means of Propulsion 2 oars
Crew 1 (the pilot, who is also a rower, plus up to 3 additional Medium rowers)
Decks 1
Cargo/Passengers 1,000 pounds/up to 3 passengers (a raft can carry a total of 4 Medium creatures, either as crew or passengers)

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