Source: Ultimate Combat

Colossal Water vehicle
Squares 40 (20 ft. by 50 ft.); Cost 13,000 gp


AC 2; Hardness 5
hp 600 (299)
Base Save +4


Maximum Speed 60 ft. (current) or 30 ft. (muscle); Acceleration 15 ft. (muscle) or 30 ft. (current)
Attack ram 8d8
CMB +8; CMD 18


Propulsion current (air; 20 squares of sails, hp 100), current (water), or muscle (pushed; 8 Medium rowers)
Driving Check Diplomacy or Intimidate while rowed, or Profession (sailor) or Knowledge (nature) +10 to the DC when sail is used
Forward Facing ship’s forward
Driving Device rudder
Driving Space the two middle rear squares of the keelboat
Crew 8


Decks 1
Cargo Up to 50 tons or 100 soldiers.


Gargantuan ship
Squares 2 (15 ft. by 50 ft.) Cost 3,000 gp


AC 6; Hardness 5
hp 600 (oars 80, sails 80)
Base Save +4


Maximum Speed 30 ft. (muscle), 30 ft. (wind), or 60 ft. (muscle and wind); Acceleration 30 ft.
CMB +4; CMD 14
Ramming Damage 4d8


Propulsion muscle, wind, or current
Sailing Check Diplomacy or Intimidate (when using muscle); Profession (sailor) (when using wind or current)
Control Device tiller
Means of Propulsion 8 oars, 20 squares of sails (one mast)
Crew 15 (7+8 Medium rowers)
Decks 1
Cargo/Passengers 50 tons/100 passengers
Weapons One Large direct-fire or indirect-fire siege engine positioned on the forward or aft side of the ship. This siege engine can be swiveled to fire out either side of the ship, or either forward or aft, depending on its position.

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