Wagon Statistics

Each wagon in a caravan serves a specific purpose that helps to bolster the caravan’s statistics—and thus its chances of success at reaching its eventual destination. Each type of wagon is presented in the same format, along with its cost in gp, its hit points, its traveler and cargo capacity, its consumption, and any special benefits it conveys to caravans. When you buy a new wagon by spending its cost in gp (this cost includes the horses needed to pull the wagon), add its hit points and capacity totals to your caravan’s total hit points and cargo and traveler capacities.

Although you can add many wagons to a caravan, there are limits to how many wagons of each type a caravan can effectively maintain. This limit varies by wagon type, and is listed in each entry. Wagons in excess of this limit in a caravan do not grant additional Special Benefits. For example, if you add a third armored wagon to a caravan, it does not increase the caravan’s AC by an additional +3 since the caravan is already at the armored wagon’s limit of 2.

Finally, each wagon has a consumption value—this equates to the number of horses needed to pull the wagon, and increases the caravan’s overall consumption score by the listed amount.

A caravan can have up to 5 wagons in it at any one time. The Extra Wagons feat increases this limit.

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