Zeppelin, War (3pp)

This massive rigid skinned blimp is built for combat up to 3000 ft. in the air. The gas bags are divided into multiple compartments so that a single puncture will not deflate an entire balloon. The zeppelin is commonly crewed by 18 aeronauts (captain, commissar, chief engineer, cook, signals officer, navigator, and 12 non-commissioned crew). In addition to its weapon armament, it often carries 16 glider troopers and their wings.

Colossal Air vehicle
Squares 48 (cabin, 20 ft. by 60 ft.; 30 ft. high; two 160 square dirigibles on either side, 40 ft. by 100 ft.; 40 ft. high); Cost 70,000 gp


AC 2; Hardness 7
hp 720 (360)
Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 90 ft. (120 ft. with air current); Acceleration 30 ft. (45 ft. with air current)
Weapons typically 7 large direct-fire siege weapons
Attack ram 8d8
CMB +8; CMD 18


Propulsion Gas bag (vertical lift and partial air current travel; two sets of 160 square silk dirigibles, 1,600 hp each) and oil engine (4 squares of oil burning engines; hardness 8, hp 60; difficult device); the engine’s cabin is typically located behind the ship, with access on the second deck of the ship
Driving Check Knowledge (nature) for air current navigation or Knowledge (engineering) or Profession (sailor)
Forward Facing the vehicle’s forward
Driving Device steering wheel, throttle, rudder, propellers (8)
Driving Space an 8 square space that contains the steering wheel and throttle; the driving space is located at the front of the vehicle, on the third deck of the ship
Crew 7 (including pilot; at least one navigator, at least one signals officer, and at least four engineers tending the engines and maintenance)


Decks 4; The lower deck of the ship is reserved for the ship’s cargo. The second deck of the ship is typically reserved for passengers, the crew’s quarters, and grants access to the ship’s engine compartment. The third deck of the ship houses the ship’s helm and navigation room, a war room, and the captain’s quarters. The top deck of the ship is an open-air typically used as either a landing strip for gliders or an observation deck
Cargo Up to 10 tons or 30 passengers.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Copyright 2012 ICOSA Entertainment, LLC; Author(s): Brennan Ashby

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