A glider is basically a large piece of sail stretched out with a frame and connected to a handhold and straps. The only way to get a glider flying is to jump off a steep incline, allowing the glider to pick up the air current.

Large Air vehicle
Squares 4 (10 ft. by 10 ft.); Cost 500 gp


AC 9; Hardness 0 (takes double damage from acid and fire attacks)
hp 20 (9)
Base Save +0


Maximum Speed 80 ft.; Acceleration 10 ft. (30 ft. when it first pushes off)
Attack ram 1d8
CMB +1; CMD 11


Propulsion current (air; four squares of sail, which serve as the majority of the vehicle, hp 20)
Driving Check Fly or Acrobatics +10 to the DC
Forward Facing the point of the glider’s wings
Driving Device rigging
Driving Space any single square directly below the sail part of the glider


Decks 1

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