Wagon, Steam


Steam wagons resemble a wooden stage coach, but all the horsepower comes from a coal fed steam engine. It is a common sight in rural areas not yet served by the rail and frequently used by prosperous farmers and ranchers. Even though the vehicle is bulky, clumsy, and emits clouds of stinging dirty black smoke, it is frequently used on urban thoroughfares and is considered a tremendous status symbol for magnates, street gangs, and those that like to crush those that get in their way. Its spring suspension buffers cobbled streets as well as rocky roads. The vehicle is also less prone to cracked seals and fractured pipes from excessive jarring that afflict less rugged designs.

Huge Land vehicle
Squares 8 (10 ft. by 20 ft.; 15 ft. high); Cost 7,200 gp


AC 8; Hardness 7
hp 180 (90)
Base Save +1


Maximum Speed 80 ft.; Acceleration 20 ft.
Attack ram 2d8
CMB +2; CMD 12


Propulsion Coal Engine (2 squares of coal burning engines; hardness 8, hp 40; difficult device); engine typically located in the rear squares of the wagon
Driving Check Knowledge (engineering) or Profession (driver)
Forward Facing the vehicle’s forward
Driving Device steering wheel and two levers (brake and throttle)
Driving Space a single 5-ft.-by-5-ft. square that contains the steering wheel and two levers that serve as the wagon’s driving device; the steering wheel and levers are located in the middle of the wagon, in front of the engine
Crew 1 (one person needs to periodically shovel coal into the coal burning engine; while not shoveling coal, this crew member is treated as a passenger)


Decks 2; The lower deck seats the steam wagon’s passengers and cargo, and gives access to the coal burning engine that powers the steam wagon. The lower deck has small windows, granting passengers improved cover from attacks outside the vehicle. The top deck consists of the steam wagon’s driving device and driving square. The driver’s square is only partially exposed, and encased in glass windows, granting the driver cover from attacks outside the vehicle.
Passengers 4

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Copyright 2012 ICOSA Entertainment, LLC; Author(s): Brennan Ashby

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