Tank, Steam


A steam tank is powered by a powerful oil burning engine. This gigantic war machine is designed to plow through any obstacles in its way. It’s commonly equipped with a single siege cannon in the prow and four swivel guns to protect is sides and rear, but some models carry instead rocket racks for anti-air or rotary guns for anti-infantry. The ominous black plume expelled by its substantial smoke stack foreshadows the future funeral fires of its foes.

Huge Land vehicle
Squares 8 (10 ft. by 20 ft.; 15 ft. high); Cost 7,200 gp


AC 8; Hardness 15
hp 320 (160)
Base Save +1


Maximum Speed 60 ft.; Acceleration 20 ft.
Weapons four medium culverin turrets and one large cannon; ram plate
Attack ram 4d8
CMB +2; CMD 12


Propulsion steam engine (2 squares of oil burning engines; hardness 8, hp 40; difficult device); engine typically located in the rear squares of the tank
Driving Check Knowledge (engineering)
Forward Facing the vehicle’s forward
Driving Device steering wheel and two levers (brake and throttle)
Driving Space a single 5-ft.-by-5-ft. square that contains the steering wheel and two levers that serve as the tank’s driving device; the steering wheel and levers are located in the middle of the tank, in front of the engine
Crew 5 (five gunners)


Decks 1
Passengers 2 (tight squeeze with a full crew)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Copyright 2012 ICOSA Entertainment, LLC; Author(s): Brennan Ashby

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