Gyro Cycle


This cycle has only a single massive motorized wheel, leaving the driver exposed on either side. It is largely constructed of tin to reduce weight, and is commonly used for raiding or recon.

Large Land vehicle
Squares 2 (5 ft. by 10 ft.; 10 ft. high); Cost 1,200 gp


AC 9; Hardness 7
hp 30 (15)
Base Save +2


Maximum Speed 120 ft.; Acceleration 60 ft.
Attack ram 1d8
CMB +1; CMD 11


Propulsion Gyro Engine (1 square of gyroscopic engine; hardness 8, hp 25; extreme device); engine located within the driving space, beneath the driver
Driving Check Acrobatics or Knowledge (engineering)
Forward Facing the vehicle’s forward
Driving Device steering peddles, throttle and brake
Driving Space a single 5-ft.-by-5-ft. square that contains the steering peddles, throttle and brakes that serve as the cycles’ driving device; the driving space is located directly in the middle of the vehicle’s space, and shares this space with the vehicle’s engine.


Passengers 1 (a passenger may share the driving space with the driver, however, this causes the space to become cramped, imposing a -4 penalty to the driver’s driving checks.)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pure Steam Campaign Setting. Copyright 2012 ICOSA Entertainment, LLC; Author(s): Brennan Ashby

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