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Parade Armor

Light Armor
Cost 25 gp; Weight 20 lbs.
Armor Bonus +3; Max Dex Bonus +5; Armor Check Penalty -1
Arcane Spell Failure Chance 15%; Speed 30 ft./20 ft.

Most wealthy countries with standing armies have a different uniform for use in showy noncombat situations such as parades, coronation ceremonies, and so on. The appearance of this armor varies by the country of origin and the branch of the military, but still provides some protection in case the soldier needs to fight while in parade dress. For example, one country’s parade armor may be a chain shirt, tabard, leather greaves, and a winged helm. If you’re wearing a country’s parade armor, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to influence a person from that country. Depending on the country, parade armor may be crafted from leather, metal, or a mixture of both.

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