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Giant’s Mitt

This large, fluted piece of metal appears to be a massive gauntlet bound in heavy leathers and animal skins. Where the armored fingers of the gauntlet would normally be, the glove flares open instead, doubling the size of the wearer’s hand.

When a large sized creature wears the mitt, he treats it as a normal gauntlet. If the creature is proficient with the mitt, he can use it to catch and throw boulder and rock-shaped ranged weapons targeting it.

Once per round, when wielding a giant’s mitt, you may make a Reflex saving throw to catch (DC = opponent’s attack roll) a ranged weapon that would normally hit. You must be aware of the ranged attack in order to catch it, and when you attempt to catch it, you gain a +2 equipment bonus. If you successfully catch the boulder, you make drop into your other hand (if it’s empty) or drop it in an adjacent square as a free action. If an opponent occupies one of those squares, you may make an attack roll as normal. You may, as a standard action, throw the original boulder back at the attacker with a +2 circumstance bonus to your attack roll. Arrows, bolts, and bullets cannot be thrown back, but splash weapons can, provided they did not break upon impact.

When using a giant’s mitt, your fingers are grasped around the handle within the base of the weapon, and you cannot wield or carry other items in that hand.

A giant’s mitt cannot be disarmed (but it can be dropped). Monks are proficient with the giant’s mitt.

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