Weapon, Tower

A tower weapon is a bulkier, heavier version of a two-handed melee weapon. At first glance, a tower weapon might appear to be meant for a larger-sized creature, but the handles of these massive arms usually indicate the size of the hands intended to grasp them.

Weapon Groups: See table.

Type: Exotic, two-handed bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing.

Damage/Crit: See table.

Range: –

Weight: See table.

Special: Without the proper training, tower weapons are incredibly difficult to wield in combat. You take a –2 penalty to attack rolls due a tower weapon’s weight. A tower weapon counts as its non-tower counterpart for the purpose of feats and the ability to wield them. If you possess the Tower Weapon Training feat or Tower Weapon Squire equipment trait, you no longer take the –2 penalty to attacks because of a tower weapon’s weight.

Specific Tower Weapons


These massive greatswords are closer to zweihanders in both form and function. Their cutting edge is often “sword sharp” to prevent chipping and constant need for sharpening.


A gungnir is named for the spear wielded by an ancient warrior from Fantas. The head of the weapon resembles an arrowhead sized for a giant, and its edges are sharp enough to whistle through the air when lashing out.


A Fantasian samurai of great skill created the first of these falchions and named it for himself.


A ranseur of great power, the runkah can run a horse through at full gallop.

Tower Chain

One could fit an arm through the links of a tower chain.

Tower Mattock

This axe’s sweeping blade is wide enough to block a door when not attached to the haft.

Tower Scythe

For when a reaper comes for the soul of a titan.


Like the guisarme, a voulge can be used to trip enemies. In battle, it can also be used to cut a man’s legs off entirely.


The head of a worldbreaker is actually smaller than that of an earth breaker. This gives the weapon more force when it strikes a surface and keeps the concussion in a tight area.

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