Strike Balls

Crafted from the boiled, leathery bark of exotic trees, strike balls are used primarily as athletic equipment in sporting events, but can be weaponized when used properly.

Weapon Groups: Thrown.

Type: Exotic, one-handed bludgeoning, piercing or slashing.

Damage/Crit: See table.

Range: 30 ft.

Weight: See table.

Special: A strike ball that hits a target’s touch AC returns to its wielder as if it had the returning weapon property, even if the attack otherwise misses.

Specific Strike Balls


A sharkfin strike ball has razors sewn into the stitching, allowing the ball to be gripped, but slicing a creature it strikes.


Spiked strike balls are not actually covered in spikes. Instead, the ball is wrapped over a sharpened crossbar, then inflated and fitted with rounded plates to maintain balance. Given their delicate construction, spiked strike balls are always masterwork quality.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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