There are worlds that generally possess a higher level of technology they frequently blend with magic. When traveling through the rifts into other worlds, they have learned to adapt their techniques to appropriate technology levels to create an alternative to the weapons they refer to as gunblades.

Weapon Groups: Firearms and heavy blades.

Type: Exotic, two-handed, sonic, piercing or slashing.

Damage/Crit: See table.

Range: – Weight: See table.

Special: Whenever you hit a target, you can trigger the weapon’s black powder mechanism as a free action, automatically dealing additional, nonmagical sonic damage as the blast sends a shock wave through the weapon and into the foe. The sonic damage is not multiplied on a critical hit. Triggering the weapon’s mechanism for this purpose uses up 1 dose of black powder. Each type of gunblade has a different capacity. Gunblades cannot misfire. Due to their rarity, gunblades are considered masterwork.

Specific Gunblades


Also called a moon-tooth, a montooth is a favorite weapon of technologically advance elves. A montooth is an amalgam of an elven curve blade and pepperbox sidearm.


Modeled after revolver pistols (aka six-shooters) and falchions, rotator gunblades blend stylistic elegance with effective lethality.

Rumbling Horror

A terrifying union of chainsaw and machine gun (functioning as both), a rumbling horror combines the combustive power of gasoline, gunpowder, steel, and bone-shattering noise.


Rugged in construction, devastating to anyone caught in its way, slugbrands are a brutal blend of greatsword and sawed-off shotgun.

Sun Nova

Sun nova gunblades are a favorite among bridgands and sellswords, combining the bastard sword with a slide-action pistol. A sun nova counts as a bastard weapon, as well as a firearm, and requires both weapon proficiencies to use one-handed.


A hybrid of spear and rifle, thruster-busters stab deep and blast from within unlucky adversaries.


A gunblade of dwarven origin, thunderbrands are a combination of shotel and shotgun.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of many Things Volume 2: Shattered Worlds. © 2018, Samurai Sheepdog; Authors: Kevin Glusing and Aaron Hollingsworth.

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