Devil Binder

While many assume Hellknights are worshipers or agents of devil-kind or, at best, duped puppets of the infernal realm-most Hellknights see Hell and its native devils as a challenge to be conquered. If one can dominate these beings of pure (albeit cruel) law, then the power of that law is theirs by right. While the Test undertaken by those who seek to become full Hellknights is one method by which this power is earned, the devil binder takes this philosophy a step further, forcing a devil into service.

Unlike those of most summoners, a devil binder’s eidolon does not willingly serve its master due to a similar philosophical bent. While some devil binders (especially those who do serve Hell) seek more amicable relationships with these infernal servants, others treat their eidolons as mere tools, remorselessly ordering the devils into battle. The nature of the summoner’s magical bond is irrevocably altered by their style of invocation. A devil binder borrows extraplanar quintessence from her eidolon, gaining strange abilities for herself and evolving her eidolon’s magical powers.


The infernal bargains and rituals a devil binder pursues leave an indelible stain upon her soul. A devil binder must be lawful evil or lawful neutral in alignment.

Infernal Binding (Ex)

A devil binder must select an eidolon of the devil subtype. The devil binder’s eidolon never increases its maximum number of attacks, and its base attack bonus is equal to half its Hit Dice. At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the eidolon’s Charisma score increases by 2.

This alters the summoner’s eidolon.

Infernal Arcana (Sp)

At 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, the devil binder’s eidolon gains the following spell-like abilities: protection from chaos (1st), scorching ray (3rd), suggestion (5th), charm monster (7th), dominate person (9th), planar binding (devils only) (11th), greater teleport (13th), power word stun (15th), meteor swarm (17th). Each of these spell-like abilities is usable once per day, and the eidolon’s caster level is equal to the devil binder’s summoner level. When the eidolon casts planar binding this way, the devil binder is considered to be the spell’s caster instead. At 19th level, the devil binder’s eidolon can use each of its infernal arcana spell-like abilities three times per day.

This replaces the summon monster I summoner class feature.

Infernal Affinity (Ex, Su, or Sp): A devil binder wrenches Hell’s power from her eidolon. This grants the devil binder the bloodline powers of the infernal sorcerer bloodline (gained at the following levels): corrupting touch (4th), infernal resistances (8th), hellfire (12th), on dark wings (16th), and power of the Pit (20th). The devil binder treats her summoner level as her sorcerer level for the purpose of determining their effects.

This replaces bond senses, shield ally, transposition, greater shield ally, merge forms, and twin eidolon.

Smite Chaos (Su)

At 6th level, the summoner’s eidolon gains the ability to smite chaos as a Hellknight of its Hit Dice. This ability can be used once per day and an additional time for every 4 levels beyond 6th.

This ability replaces maker’s call and the eidolon’s devotion ability.

The Test

To become a full-fledged Hellknight, an armiger must pass a test. The specifics of the test vary by order, but for all of them, it is a somber, trial-like rite conducted at dawn twice per year that culminates in the armiger facing a devil in solitary combat. An armiger who fails this test dies, but if he triumphs he becomes a member of the Order.

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