Rather than stalking the shadows, a hoka-han clings to smoke, ash, and fire, preferring incineration to assassination.

Arsonist (Ex)

At 1st level, a hoka-han treats a torch as a light weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a light mace of its size plus 1 point of fire damage. While using a torch in this manner, a hoka-han does not incur penalties as she would for using the torch as an improvised weapon and she applies both feats and class abilities that affect light maces to the torch. In addition, whenever she deals sneak attach damage with a torch, the hoka-han can deal fire damage instead of weapon damage with any number of her sneak attack d6s. This ability replaces poison use.

Pyrokinetic Ki (Su)

At 2nd level, the hoka-han gains the basic pyrokinesis and fire blast wild talents. She uses her ninja level as her effective kineticist level to determine the effects of basic pyrokinesis, but she uses the fire blast as if she were only a 1st-level kineticist.

As a swift action, the hoka-han can draw upon her ki in order to empower her fire blast wild talent, allowing her to use her ninja level as her effective kineticist level when she uses the fire blast wild talent. This effect lasts until the end of the hoka-han’s turn and uses up 1 ki point.

This ability counts as having the elemental focus kineticist class feature with the fire element. If the hoka-han takes levels in another class that grants wild talents, her elemental focus in that class must be fire, even if that means the elemental focus of her other classes must change. Subject to GM discretion, the hoka-han can change her former elemental focus to make them conform. If she has levels in another class with the elemental focus class feature, her ninja levels stack with her level in those other classes when determining the effects of the basic pyrokinesis wild talent and the fire blast wild talent. A hoka-han cannot expend ki from her ki pool in order to make additional attacks during a full-attack, nor can she spend ki in order to give herself an insight bonus on Stealth checks. This ability alters ki pool.

Ki Kinesis (Ex)

At 2nd level, whenever a hoka-han uses the fire blast wild talent, she can, as a free action, call upon her ki to apply one form infusion wild talent or one substance infusion wild talent to her fire blast. She can choose from any infusion available to a kineticist with a level equal to her ninja level when using this ability. She must meet all of the infusion’s prerequisites in order to apply it to her fire blast and she is limited to infusions that list fire blast as an associated blast.

A hoka-han is unable to accept burn from her chosen infusion. Instead, applying the chosen form infusion to her fire blast expends 2 ki points from her ki pool, plus an additional number of ki points equal to the infusion’s burn cost.

This ability replaces the ninja trick gained at 2nd level.

Flame Retardant (Ex)

At 3rd level, a hoka-han learns to move through fires without fear. Her training gives her a +1 insight bonus on saving throws against all fire effects. In addition, she also gains a +1 insight bonus on saving throws against damage caused by a hot environment, breathing in heavy smoke, and any effect that would cause her to catch on fire. Every three levels thereafter, these bonuses increase by 1.

This ability replaces no trace.

Firesight (Ex)

At 6th level, a hoka-han can see through flames and smoke as if they were transparent. In addition, creatures that are on fire or have the fire subtype never benefit from concealment or total concealment against the hoka-han.

This ability replaces light steps.

Greater Ki Kinesis (Su)

At 10th level, when a hoka-han uses her ki kinesis ability to add an infusion wild talent to her fire blast, she can apply one form infusion and one substance infusion to her fire blast. When doing so, she expends 4 ki points from her ki pool, plus an additional number of ki points equal to the combined burn cost of both infusions.

This ability replaces the ninja trick gained at 10th level.

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