Advanced Prestige Classes

Table: Advanced Prestige Classes
Prestige Class Summary
Battle Herald A veteran whose masterful tactics and air of command inspire allies to greater feats of heroism.
Holy Vindicator A pious warrior who spreads religion at the edge of a sword.
Horizon Walker A scout and wanderer comfortable in even the strangest terrain.
Master Chymist An alchemist whose mutagens create an alternate, brutish personality.
Master Spy An espionage expert specializing in disguises and striking swiftly from the shadows.
Nature Warden A master of the wilderness bonded spiritually to a fearsome animal companion
Rage Prophet A bold and barbaric champion who embraces otherworldly powers in order to perfect the art of combat.
Stalwart Defender A master of defending territory and holding the line at all costs.

If a prestige class requires 5 ranks in a skill and I have 6 ranks in that skill, do I still meet the requirements?

Yes, because skill ranks are inclusive: if you have 6 ranks in a skill, then you have 5 ranks in that skill, and therefore meet the “have 5 ranks in [this] skill” requirement. In the same way, if you have a BAB of +6, then you have a BAB of +5, and therefore meet the “have BAB +5” requirement. In the same way, if you have Str 15, then you have Str 13, and therefore meet the “Str 13” feat prerequisite for Power Attack. However, spellcasting ability is not inclusive: it is possible (mainly through the use of spell-like abilities) to be able to cast 3rd-level spells but not 2nd-level spells. If you can only cast 3rd-level spells, that does not meet the requirement of “able to cast 2nd-level spells.” Likewise, feat prerequisites are not inclusive, as it is possible for a creature to have a feat without meeting that feat’s prerequisites. For example, a ranger can select Precise Shot as a ranger bonus feat without having the Point Blank Shot feat; he does not meet the prerequisites for Far Shot (which has Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite) because he doesn’t actually have the Point Blank Shot feat, even though he has a feat that lists Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite.


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