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NPC Stat Block Information

This is where you’ll find all of the information you need to run the NPC in an encounter. A stat block is organized as follows. Note that in cases where a line in a stat block has no value, that line is omitted.

Name and CR: The character’s name is presented first, along with his or her Challenge Rating (CR). Challenge Rating is a numerical indication of how dangerous a character is—the higher the number, the deadlier the character.

Race, Class, and Level: This lists the character’s race (dwarf, elf, and so on), class, and level.

XP: Listed here are the total experience points that PCs earn for defeating the character.

Size, Type, and Alignment: This lists the character’s size, type, and alignment. The alignments listed for each character in this book represent what is normal for those characters, but you can change them to serve the needs of your campaign. Of course, some classes may have restrictions on what alignments they can have, and some character concepts don’t make sense for certain alignments.

Init and Senses: The character’s initiative modifier is followed by any special senses and his or her Perception check modifier.

Aura: If the character has a magical or exceptional aura, it is listed here.

AC: This lists the character’s Armor Class, touch Armor Class, and flat-footed Armor Class. The modifiers that generate the character’s AC are listed in parentheses at the end of this entry.

hp: This lists the character’s hit points, followed by his or her Hit Dice (including modifiers from Constitution, favored class levels, the Toughness feat, magic such as a false life spell, and so on). Characters with PC class levels receive maximum hit points for their first Hit Die, but all other Hit Dice rolls are assumed to be average. Fast healing and regeneration values, if any, follow the character’s HD.

Saving Throws: The character’s Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves appear here, followed by situational modifiers.

Defensive Abilities/DR/Immune/Resist/SR: This lists all of the character’s unusual defensive abilities. Damage Reduction, immunities, resistances, and spell resistance are called out separately as necessary.

Weaknesses: All of the character’s unusual weaknesses are listed here.

Speed: The character’s land speed appears here, plus additional speeds as necessary for the character.

Melee: The character’s melee attacks are listed here, with his or her attack roll modifier listed after the attack’s name followed by the damage in parentheses.

Ranged: As Melee above, but for ranged attacks.

Space/Reach: The character’s space and reach appear only if they aren’t the standard (one 5-foot square and a reach of 5 feet).

Special Attacks: The character’s special attacks listed here are explained fully in the description of the character’s class.

Spell-Like Abilities: This lists the spell-like ability caster level and concentration modifier. Constant spell-like abilities function at all times but can be dispelled. A character can reactivate a constant spell-like ability as a swift action.

Spells Known/Spells Prepared: This lists the caster level and concentration check bonus for a spellcaster, followed by the spells the character knows or typically has prepared.

Tactics: This section gives suggestions on how to best use the character in combat. Before Combat indicates which of the character’s duration-based abilities or magic items are active when combat starts. During Combat explains which abilities the character prefers to use during combat. Base Statistics lists the character’s statistics without any of the effects of the Before Combat line.

Ability Scores: The character’s ability scores are listed here. Ability scores might be modified by level, race, spells, or magic items.

Base Atk/CMB/CMD: These values represent the character’s base attack, Combat Maneuver Bonus, and Combat Maneuver Defense scores.

Feats: The character’s feats are listed here.

Skills: The character’s skills are listed here.

Languages: The character’s languages are listed here.

SQ: Any special qualities the character has are listed here, such as class abilities or racial traits.

Combat Gear: Any equipment the character would reasonably expect to use during combat is listed here—alchemical weapons, expendable combat magic items, special ammunition, helpful potions, and so on.

Other Gear: The rest of the character’s gear goes here, including armor and weapons, passive magic items (such as a cloak of resistance), items the character isn’t likely to use during combat (such as thieves’ tools), and coins or other valuables carried by the character.


Following most stat blocks is a short description of the type of character represented by the statistics.

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