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Slayer Talents

As a slayer gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him and confound his foes.

Starting at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, a slayer gains one slayer talent. Unless otherwise noted, a slayer cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Talents marked with an asterisk (*) add effects to a slayer’s sneak attack. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual attack, and the decision of which to use must be made before the attack roll is made.

Slayer Talents
Blood ReaderKnow remaining hit points of studied opponentPPC:ACO
Catfolk SlayerCatfolk, varies (see text)Gain enhanced slayer abilities from being a catfolkPPC:DTT
Deadly RangeSlayer 4Increase range of dealing sneak attacks by +10 ftPRG:ACG
Foil ScrutinyGain +2 bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks, and on saves vs. mind-reading spells and effects.PRG:ACG
Poison UseTrained in poison use, and cannot accidentally poison self when applying poisonPRG:ACG
Ranger Combat StyleSelect a ranger combat style and gain choice of applicable combat featPRG:ACG
Rogue TalentGain a listed rogue talent in place of a slayer talentPRG:ACG
Slowing Strike*Opponent damaged by sneak attack has its speed halvedPRG:ACG
Studied AllyStudy an ally or friendly creature for gain aid another bonusPPC:ACO
TrapfindingGain Disable Device as a class skill; gain trapfinding and trap sense as a roguePRG:ACG
Everyman Gaming, LLC
AcrobatGain studied target bonus on moving through threatened squares and to escape grapplesEG:EUUC
Rogue Talent (Canny Feint)You gain Improved Feint as a bonus feat.EG:PC
Rogue Talent (Dastardly Strike*)You substitute your slayer level for your base attack bonus from slayer levels when determining the benefits you gain from feats.EG:PC
Defensive StudyGain studied target bonus on CMD and AC against opponentEG:EUUC
Exotic SlayerGain Exotic Weapon Proficiency as a bonus featEG:EUUC
Finesse SlayerGain Weapon Finesse as a bonus featEG:EUUC
Ninja TrickGain a listed ninja talent in place of a slayer talentEG:EUUC
Saving StudyGain studied target bonus as an insight bonus to saving throws when targeted by studied opponent’s attack or abilityEG:EUUC
Slayer’s CertaintyAble to maintain studied target against two opponents simultaneouslyGain studied target bonus to chosen skill check; can reroll check, taking the better of two resultsEG:EUUC
Slayer’s MercyMake nonlethal coup de grace against studied opponent, rendering it unconsciousEG:EUUC
Rogue Talent (Solo Tactics)You treat all your allies as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as you do for the purpose of determining whether you receive a bonus from your teamwork feats. Your allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat in order for you to receive the listed bonus.EG:PC
Study Psychology (Ex)At 7th level, you gain your studied target bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks made to perform an antagonize, demoralize, or feint maneuver against a foe. In addition, you don’t suffer any of the usual penalties on such checks resulting from your studied target’s type or Intelligence.EG:PC
Rogue Talent (Teamwork Feat)You gain a bonus teamwork feat of your choice. You must meet the teamwork feat’s prerequisites, if any.EG:PC
Unchained Rogue TalentGain a listed unchained rogue talent in place of a slayer talentEG:EUUC
Unflinching ResolveGain bonus against feint and demoralize attempts, or psychological maneuvers, made by studied opponentEG:EUUC
Rogue Genius Games
Death DrinkerSlay sufficiently challenging opponents to regain lost hit pointsRGG:AOST&L
Elemental GraveDeal sneak attack damage of chosen elemental energy typeRGG:AOST&L
ExecutionerTreats weapon’s critical hit multiplier as one greater when performing a coup de graceRGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, MinorTemporarily assume the guise of dying opponent as swift actionRGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, ModerateSlayer 4, minor face stealerWhen using face stealer, instead gain alter self effectRGG:AOST&L
Inside ManGain Appraise, Diplomacy, and Knowledge (local) as class skills; use Intelligence modifier with Diplomacy checksRGG:AOST&L
Mage SlayerGain Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device as class skills; use Intelligence modifier with Use Magic Device checksRGG:AOST&L
Many-FacedMinor face stealerUse face stealer to assume guise of any creature seenRGG:AOST&L
Shank, MinorMay replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d6 and threat range with 19-20RGG:AOST&L
Shank, ModerateMinor shank
May replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d8 and threat range with 19-20RGG:AOST&L
Shared Cup RGG:AOST&L
Studied DefenseStudied targetGain studied target bonus as dodge bonus to AC against studied opponent’s attacksRGG:AOST&L
Studied ResilienceStudied targetGain studied target bonus on saves against against studied opponent’s abilitiesRGG:AOST&L
Tiercel RGG:AOST&L
Toss Aside RGG:AOST&L
Zealous Drive RGG:AOST&L
Slayer Advanced Talents
Advanced TalentPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
AssassinateAdvanced talentsSneak attack a studied opponent, forcing it to save or diePRG:ACG
Rogue Advanced Talents and Ninja Master TricksAdvanced talentsGain a listed rogue advanced talent or ninja master trick in place of a slayer advanced talentPRG:ACG
Slayer CamouflageAdvanced talentsHide in any of your favored terrains, even without cover or concealment.PRG:ACG
Woodland StrideAdvanced talentsMove through natural undergrowth at normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairmentPRG:ACG
Everyman Gaming, LLC
Advanced TalentPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
Critical StudyAdvanced talentsAdds studied target bonus to DC of Stunning Fist and all critical featsEG:EUUC
Greater Defensive StudyAdvanced talentsWhen applying defensive study slayer to studied target, add twice studied target bonus to CMD and as dodge bonus against attacks of opportunityEG:EUUC
Rogue Advanced Talent (Lightning Feint)Advanced talentsYou may feint in combat as a move action. If you also possess Greater Feint, you may feint in combat as a swift action instead.EG:PC
Rogue Advanced Talent (Troupe Teamwork)Advanced talentsYou treat any ally that is also flanking an opponent you are flanking as though the ally were adjacent to you for the purpose of determining whether you receive the benefits of your allies teamwork feats.EG:PC
Unchained Rogue Advanced Talents and Ninja Master TricksAdvanced talentsGain a listed unchained rogue advanced talent or ninja master trick in place of a slayer talentEG:EUUC
Vicious StudyAdvanced talentsDouble the critical threat range of any weapon attacks made against a studied targetEG:EUUC
Rogue Genius Games
Advanced TalentPrerequisitesBenefitsSource
Aching StrikesAdvanced talentsMake a painful and distracting attack forces spellcasters to make concentration checksRGG:AOST&L
Dance of DeathAdvanced talents RGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, MajorAdvanced talents, minor face stealer, moderate face stealer
When using face stealer, instead gain polymorph (self only) effectRGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, MasterSlayer 14, advanced talents, minor face stealer, moderate face stealer, major face stealer
When using face stealer, instead gain greater polymorph (self only) effectRGG:AOST&L
Final SanctionSlayer 15, advanced talents, sanctionAttempts to restore to life persons the slayer killed must overcome slayer’s level check or be prevented from coming backRGG:AOST&L
Find the ChinkAdvanced talents RGG:AOST&L
Follow ThroughAdvanced talents RGG:AOST&L
RelentlessAdvanced talents RGG:AOST&L
SanctionAdvanced talentsCreatures killed by slayer is considered killed by a death effectRGG:AOST&L
Shank, MajorAdvanced talents,
minor shank, moderate shank
May replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d10 and threat range with 18-20RGG:AOST&L
Twist the KnifeAdvanced talents, Weapon Focus
May treat selected weapon’s critical multiple as one higherRGG:AOST&L
VendettaAdvanced talents RGG:AOST&L