Slayer Talents

As a slayer gains experience, he learns a number of talents that aid him and confound his foes.

Starting at 2nd level and every 2 levels thereafter, a slayer gains one slayer talent. Unless otherwise noted, a slayer cannot select an individual talent more than once.

Talents marked with an asterisk (*) add effects to a slayer’s sneak attack. Only one of these talents can be applied to an individual attack, and the decision of which to use must be made before the attack roll is made.

Slayer Talents
Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Aligned Sneak Attack* Reduce aligned DR by number of sneak attack dice PZO92109
Blood Reader Know remaining hit points of studied opponent PPC:ACO
Catfolk Slayer Catfolk, varies (see text) Gain enhanced slayer abilities from being a catfolk PPC:DTT
Deadly Range Slayer 4 Increase range of dealing sneak attacks by +10 ft PZO1129
Eternal Opposition (Ex) Samsaran Gain +2 insight bonus to AC and saves when attacked by a studied target of dragon, fey, outsider, or undead type PZO9493
Experience Across Ages (Ex) Samsaran Once per day per 5 levels, as a swift action, attempt a Knowledge check with ranks equal to slayer level PZO9493
Focused Poison (Ex) Slayer 6, Poison Use When studying a target, reduce the number of additional targets you can maintain to increase the DC of poisons against the target by 1 for each reduced target. PZO9487
Foil Scrutiny Gain +2 bonus on Bluff and Disguise checks, and on saves vs. mind-reading spells and effects. PZO1129
Graceful Athlete Acrobatics 1 rank, Climb 1 rank, Swim 1 rank, racial bonus to Dexterity Gain the Graceful Athlete feat in place of a slayer talent, adding your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to Climb and Swim checks. PZO9473
Inured to Terror (Ex) Samsaran As an immediate action, when you fail a save against a fear effect, attempt the save a second time to reduce the severity of the effect one level. Additionally, the DC of Intimidate checks to demoralize you increase by 2. PZO9493
Jaguar’s Grace (Ex) Slayer 4 You do not take the normal –4 penalty when dealing nonlethal damage using a weapon that normally deals lethal damage. Attacks made this way can apply nonlethal sneak attack damage. PZO9495
Jaguar’s Pounce (Ex) Jaguar’s Grace When you deal sneak attack damage, you can attempt a disarm or trip combat maneuver as an immediate action as if the target were flat-footed (losing its Dexterity bonus to CMD). This combat maneuver does not provoke attacks of opportunity. PZO9495
Jaguar’s Protection (Ex) Jaguar’s Grace, Jaguar’s Pounce When you deal sneak attack damage, you draw the target’s attention away from his allies. The affected enemy takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls made against anyone other than the slayer for 1 minute. PZO9495
Mountainside Ambush (Ex) Samsaran When standing on solid ground, deal maximum sneak attack damage when attacking a creature unaware of your presence while you are on higher ground than the target. PZO9493
Mystic Veil (Sp) Samsaran, Int 11 You gain the ability to cast silent image as a spell-like ability once per day for every 2 slayer levels you have, using your slayer level as your caster level. PZO9493
Poison Use Trained in poison use, and cannot accidentally poison self when applying poison PZO1129
Ranger Combat Style Select a ranger combat style and gain choice of applicable combat feat PZO1129
Recall Training (Ex) Samsaran Once per day, use a move action to gain a combat feat you don’t have, lasting 1 minute per slayer level. You must meet all the feat’s prerequisites. PZO9493
Redirect Poison (Ex) As an immediate action, redirect an unsuccessful poison attack against you to a creature within reach by making a successful attack roll. PZO9487
Rogue Talent Gain a listed rogue talent in place of a slayer talent PZO1129
Scrying Familiarity (Ex) You can roll twice and take the better result on saving throws against divination (scrying) spells and effects, on Perception checks to notice scrying sensors, and on caster level checks to overcome spell resistance when you use a scrying spell or effect. If you notice a magical sensor, you can attempt a Stealth check opposed by the caster’s caster level check to avoid being detected by the sensor. PZO9469
Sever Alignment* Aligned Sneak Attack Forego sneak attack damage to remove all DR and regeneration overcome by aligned sources and remove spellcasting of aligned spells PZO92109
Slowing Strike* Opponent damaged by sneak attack has its speed halved PZO1129
Sticks and Stones (Ex) Gain Catch Off-Guard as a bonus feat. PZO1140
Studied Ally Study an ally or friendly creature for gain aid another bonus PPC:ACO
Sunlight Strike (Ex) Can reflect sunlight (or other sources of bright light) into the eyes of an adjacent target as a swift action, causing it to gain the dazzled condition for 1 round. PZO1140
Sure Footing (Ex) Gain a +5 bonus on Acrobatics checks to move on narrow surfaces and loose or uneven ground. PZO1140
Toxin Training (Ex) Slayer 4, Poison Use Gain resistance to certain poisons over time. PZO1140
Trapfinding Gain Disable Device as a class skill; gain trapfinding and trap sense as a rogue PZO1129
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Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Acrobat Gain studied target bonus on moving through threatened squares and to escape grapples EG:EUUC
Rogue Talent (Canny Feint) You gain Improved Feint as a bonus feat. EG:PC
Rogue Talent (Dastardly Strike*) You substitute your slayer level for your base attack bonus from slayer levels when determining the benefits you gain from feats. EG:PC
Defensive Study Gain studied target bonus on CMD and AC against opponent EG:EUUC
Exotic Slayer Gain Exotic Weapon Proficiency as a bonus feat EG:EUUC
Finesse Slayer Gain Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat EG:EUUC
Ninja Trick Gain a listed ninja talent in place of a slayer talent EG:EUUC
Saving Study Gain studied target bonus as an insight bonus to saving throws when targeted by studied opponent’s attack or ability EG:EUUC
Slayer’s Certainty Able to maintain studied target against two opponents simultaneously Gain studied target bonus to chosen skill check; can reroll check, taking the better of two results EG:EUUC
Slayer’s Mercy Make nonlethal coup de grace against studied opponent, rendering it unconscious EG:EUUC
Rogue Talent (Solo Tactics) You treat all your allies as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as you do for the purpose of determining whether you receive a bonus from your teamwork feats. Your allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat in order for you to receive the listed bonus. EG:PC
Study Psychology (Ex) At 7th level, you gain your studied target bonus on all Charisma-based skill checks made to perform an antagonize, demoralize, or feint maneuver against a foe. In addition, you don’t suffer any of the usual penalties on such checks resulting from your studied target’s type or Intelligence. EG:PC
Rogue Talent (Teamwork Feat) You gain a bonus teamwork feat of your choice. You must meet the teamwork feat’s prerequisites, if any. EG:PC
Unchained Rogue Talent Gain a listed unchained rogue talent in place of a slayer talent EG:EUUC
Unflinching Resolve Gain bonus against feint and demoralize attempts, or psychological maneuvers, made by studied opponent EG:EUUC
Rogue Genius Games
Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Death Drinker Slay sufficiently challenging opponents to regain lost hit points RGG:AOST&L
Elemental Grave Deal sneak attack damage of chosen elemental energy type RGG:AOST&L
Executioner Treats weapon’s critical hit multiplier as one greater when performing a coup de grace RGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, Minor Temporarily assume the guise of dying opponent as swift action RGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, Moderate Slayer 4, minor face stealer When using face stealer, instead gain alter self effect RGG:AOST&L
Inside Man Gain Appraise, Diplomacy, and Knowledge (local) as class skills; use Intelligence modifier with Diplomacy checks RGG:AOST&L
Mage Slayer Gain Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device as class skills; use Intelligence modifier with Use Magic Device checks RGG:AOST&L
Many-Faced Minor face stealer Use face stealer to assume guise of any creature seen RGG:AOST&L
Shank, Minor May replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d6 and threat range with 19-20 RGG:AOST&L
Shank, Moderate Minor shank
May replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d8 and threat range with 19-20 RGG:AOST&L
Shared Cup   RGG:AOST&L
Studied Defense Studied target Gain studied target bonus as dodge bonus to AC against studied opponent’s attacks RGG:AOST&L
Studied Resilience Studied target Gain studied target bonus on saves against against studied opponent’s abilities RGG:AOST&L
Tiercel   RGG:AOST&L
Toss Aside   RGG:AOST&L
Zealous Drive   RGG:AOST&L
Slayer Advanced Talents
Advanced Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Armored Marauder (Ex) Advanced talents You gain proficiency with heavy armor. In addition, the armor check penalty of heavy armor you wear is reduced by 1 for every 6 slayer levels you have. PPC:CoL
Armored Swiftness (Ex) Advanced talentsArmored Marauder You can move at full speed in heavy armor. In addition, the maximum Dexterity bonus of heavy armor you wear increases by 1 for every 6 class levels he has. PPC:CoL
Assassinate Advanced talents Sneak attack a studied opponent, forcing it to save or die PZO1129
Marksman’s Shot (Ex) Advanced talents As an attack action, you make a single ranged attack at his highest attack bonus with a ranged weapon he wields. The target of the attack must be the slayer’s studied target. On a successful hit, the slayer doubles the number of sneak attack dice applied to the attack; if the attack was not a sneak attack, this benefit does not apply. PPC:CoL
Reaping Stalker (Ex) Advanced talents

You treat any sickle or scythe you wield as though it were one size larger for the purpose of determining its damage dice. In addition, you increase the critical threat range of any sickle or scythe you wield by 1; this does not stack with other effects that alter a weapon’s threat range.

Rogue Advanced Talents and Ninja Master Tricks Advanced talents You gain a listed rogue advanced talent or ninja master trick in place of a slayer advanced talent PZO1129
Slayer Camouflage Advanced talents Hide in any of your favored terrains, even without cover or concealment. PZO1129
Swallow Reversal (Ex) Advanced talents

As an attack action, you can make a single melee attack against his studied target at his highest base attack bonus. When attempting a swallow reversal, the slayer rolls two attack rolls and uses the highest result. If the attack is a critical threat, the slayer attempts to confirm the critical hit as normal. The slayer can use swallow reversal at will, but it can only be used against a given target once per day.

Woodland Stride Advanced talents

Move through natural undergrowth at normal speed and without taking damage or suffering any other impairment

Everyman Gaming, LLC
Advanced Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Critical Study Advanced talents Adds studied target bonus to DC of Stunning Fist and all critical feats EG:EUUC
Greater Defensive Study Advanced talents When applying defensive study slayer to studied target, add twice studied target bonus to CMD and as dodge bonus against attacks of opportunity EG:EUUC
Rogue Advanced Talent (Lightning Feint) Advanced talents You may feint in combat as a move action. If you also possess Greater Feint, you may feint in combat as a swift action instead. EG:PC
Rogue Advanced Talent (Troupe Teamwork) Advanced talents You treat any ally that is also flanking an opponent you are flanking as though the ally were adjacent to you for the purpose of determining whether you receive the benefits of your allies teamwork feats. EG:PC
Unchained Rogue Advanced Talents and Ninja Master Tricks Advanced talents Gain a listed unchained rogue advanced talent or ninja master trick in place of a slayer talent EG:EUUC
Vicious Study Advanced talents Double the critical threat range of any weapon attacks made against a studied target EG:EUUC
Rogue Genius Games
Advanced Talent Prerequisites Benefits Source
Aching Strikes Advanced talents Make a painful and distracting attack forces spellcasters to make concentration checks RGG:AOST&L
Dance of Death Advanced talents   RGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, Major Advanced talents, minor face stealer, moderate face stealer
When using face stealer, instead gain polymorph (self only) effect RGG:AOST&L
Face Stealer, Master Slayer 14, advanced talents, minor face stealer, moderate face stealer, major face stealer
When using face stealer, instead gain greater polymorph (self only) effect RGG:AOST&L
Final Sanction Slayer 15, advanced talents, sanction Attempts to restore to life persons the slayer killed must overcome slayer’s level check or be prevented from coming back RGG:AOST&L
Find the Chink Advanced talents   RGG:AOST&L
Follow Through Advanced talents   RGG:AOST&L
Relentless Advanced talents   RGG:AOST&L
Sanction Advanced talents Creatures killed by slayer is considered killed by a death effect RGG:AOST&L
Shank, Major Advanced talents,
minor shank, moderate shank
May replace light melee weapon’s base damage with 1d10 and threat range with 18-20 RGG:AOST&L
Twist the Knife Advanced talents, Weapon Focus
May treat selected weapon’s critical multiple as one higher RGG:AOST&L
Vendetta Advanced talents   RGG:AOST&L
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