The art of killing swiftly and without remorse is highly valued in those that kill at the command of the courts.


A headsman is not proficient with medium armor.

Beheading Weapons (Ex)

The headsman gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat. It applies to all two-handed slashing weapons the headsman is proficient with.

Marked for Death (Ex)

The total number of studied targets the headman may have at once is reduced by one (to zero at 1st-4th level, one at 5th-9th, and so on). However, each day the headman may also count a number of creatures equal to his Intelligence bonus (minimum 1) as studied targets if they have been sentenced to death by a government that is considered legitimate authority by the headsman and at least one settlement he is aware of. This ability modifies studied target.

Death Attacks (Ex)

The headsman’s sneak attack dice deal 1d8 damage rather than 1d6 against studied targets, and deal maximum damage when he performs a coup de grace. This ability modifies sneak attack.

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