Witch Killer

Born into cultures where magic users are hated and feared, witch killers devote their lives to purge the arcane taint from the world.

Class Skills

A witch killer adds Knowledge (arcana) and Spellcraft to his list of class skills.

This alters the slayer’s class skills.

Studied Witch (Ex)

A witch killer’s studied combat bonus applies on Spellcraft checks and saving throws against arcane spells and spell-like abilities and hexes. This bonus is reduced by 1 (minimum 0) if the target is not an arcane spellcaster, or a being called or summoned by arcane magic. He does not gain the increases to the maximum number of studied targets he can have at a time normally attained at 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels, but his bonuses still increase at those levels.

This ability alters studied target.

Superstitious (Ex)

Instead of being able to select ranger combat style feats as slayer talents, a witch killer can select any of the following barbarian rage powers as slayer talents, treating his slayer level as his barbarian level: clear mind, disruptive, eater of magic, spell sunder, spellbreaker, sunder enchantment, superstition, or witch hunter. If the witch killer selects a rage power that can normally be used only once per rage (eater of magic, spell sunder, or sunder enchantment), he can use it once per day per 5 slayer levels he possesses, though no more than once per round in any event. The other rage powers affect the slayer constantly, though the superstition and witch hunter rage powers apply only against arcane spells and spell-like abilities and the creatures that use them.

Lingering Thrust (Ex)

At 4th level, when a witch killer’s attack against an arcane spellcaster in the midst of casting forces the spellcaster to attempt a concentration check, the witch killer adds half his slayer level to the check’s DC.

When he makes a sneak attack against an arcane spellcaster, up to 1 point of sneak attack damage per slayer level counts as ongoing damage for the purpose of forcing the spellcaster to attempt concentration checks (the witch killer does not add half his slayer level to this DC).

This ability replaces the slayer talent gained at 4th level.

Scent Magic (Su)

At 5th level, a witch killer can detect arcane magic by scent. He can use detect magic at will (as per a paladin’s ability to detect evil), but only against arcane magic, and the ability is scentbased and thus defeated by effects like negate aroma. Even when he isn’t concentrating on using his magic scent, when a creature within scent range casts an arcane spell (including arcane spell-like abilities or magic item effects), the witch killer automatically pinpoints the caster’s location.

Burn the Witch (Sp)

At 10th level, once per day when a witch killer observes a creature within 30 feet cast an arcane spell or use an arcane spell-like ability, he can use foster hatred on that character, or target one creature harmed by the arcane effect with vengeful outrage, identifying the caster as the enemy. He can use this ability twice per day at 15th level, and he can use this ability three times per day at 20th level. The save DC is Charisma-based and uses the witch killer’s slayer level as his caster level.

This ability replaces the slayer talent normally gained at 10th level.

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