Deep Shaman

While most shamans of the waves spirit have powers associated with surface waters, deep shamans are tied to spirits from the depths.

Deep Spirit

A deep shaman must choose the waves spirit. The deep shaman must choose a spirit animal with the aquatic subtype, and it gains the amphibious special quality instead of gaining the ability to breathe in water. A deep shaman gains Swim as a class skill.

This alters spirit, spirit animal, and the shaman’s class skills.

Aquatic Hexes (Su)

When a deep shaman uses beckoning chill on a creature in the water, that creature becomes fatigued due to hypothermia for the duration, and it also becomes entangled if the creature takes damage from he deep shaman’s spirit abilities and from spells and abilities with the water descriptor. Her crashing waves hex applies to her spirit abilities that deal damage as if they were spells with the water descriptor, raising her effective shaman level for those abilities. Instead of mist’s shroud and watersight, she can select the two hexes below.

This alters hexes.

Buoyancy Control (Sp)

The deep shaman touches a willing creature and changes its buoyancy to whichever of the five states she wishes for 1 minute. A creature affected by this hex can’t be affected by it again for 24 hours. The deep shaman has neutral buoyancy, regardless of what her normal buoyancy would be, though she can end or resume the effect as a standard action.

Deep Heart (Su)

The deep shaman gains the ability to breathe underwater and gains a swim speed equal to her unmodified base land speed. At 8th level, she takes only half the normal amount of pressure damage and she adjusts to a new pressure all at once after succeeding at five Fortitude saves, rather than 100 feet at a time.

Aquatic Spirit Abilities (Su)

When used underwater, a deep shaman’s wave strike deals lethal bludgeoning damage and pushes the target away 5 feet + an additional 5 feet for every 6 shaman levels she has. At 11th level, whenever the deep shaman is underwater, all weapons she holds are treated as if they had the impact special ability instead of quenching. Instead of a swim speed and the ability to breathe underwater, fluid mastery provides tremorsense with a range of 30 feet while in the water, and when underwater, fluid mastery’s torrent deals 1d6 points of damage per shaman level in a 30-foot cone.

This alters spirit ability and greater spirit ability.

Brine Dragon Form (Su)

When a deep shaman gains access to the true version of the waves spirit, she can assume the form of a Large (or smaller) brine dragon as per form of the dragon II, with a line of acid breath weapon, acid resistance 20, and a swim speed of 60 feet. She can use this ability for 1 hour per shaman level each day, divided any way she chooses in 1 hour increments, though the spell’s breath weapon limit applies across the whole day. Time she spends underwater doesn’t count against this limit, but every minute (or fraction thereof ) that she spends flying expends 1 hour of her daily uses. At 18th level, she can assume the form of a Huge or smaller brine dragon as per form of the dragon III instead.

This ability replaces the elemental form of the true spirit ability.

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