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Rogue Talent (Ex)

Benefit: An investigator can select one of the following rogue talents in place of an investigator talent: assault leader, black market connections, camouflage, canny observer, charmer, coax information, combat swipe, convincing lie, cunning trigger, deft palm, expert leaper, fast fingers, fast getaway, fast picks, fast stealth, firearm training, guileful polyglot, grit, hard to fool, hold breath, honeyed words, iron guts, lasting poison, ledge walker, major magic, minor magic, nimble climber, peerless maneuver, quick disable, quick disguise, quick trapsmith, resiliency, rogue crawl, rope master, stand up, strong stroke, terrain mastery, trap spotter, or wall scrambler. Any talent effects based on rogue level use the investigator’s class level. If the rogue talent has a prerequisite (such as the major magic rogue talent requiring the minor magic talent), the investigator must fulfill the prerequisite before selecting that rogue talent. This talent can be selected multiple times; each time, it grants the investigator a new rogue talent.

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