Star Watcher

Star watchers study the movements and positions of the sun, the moon, and the stars, searching for secrets written in the sky. They use a combination of scientific study and esoteric arts to measure, record, and predict astronomical cycles and their effects on nature, such as the moon’s influence on tides and rivers. Some star watchers also use these observations to predict fate and significant events, such as natural disasters.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A star watcher gains proficiency with the starknife, but not with the rapier.

This alters the investigator’s weapon and armor proficiency.

Astrology (Su)

A star watcher studies a symbolic language of the heavens known as astrology. Equal parts art form and science, astrology can be used to read the future and affect it in subtle ways. Much like an alchemist or investigator, a star watcher collects formulae in a formula book. However, the formulae resemble star charts, and unlike alchemists or normal investigators, he uses these formulae along with personal details and astronomical measurements to make horoscopes—magical calculations stored much like scrolls—in which he can store spells. In many ways, the star watcher’s horoscopes function like extracts, with the following exceptions.

A star watcher’s horoscope is always keyed to a specific creature that must be willing and present when the star watcher prepares the horoscope. Only the creature to which a horoscope is keyed can activate it and be affected by it. A horoscope is “cast” by reading it as a standard action, though a star watcher can draw and read a horoscope as a single standard action.

A star watcher doesn’t gain a competence bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks to create alchemical items, and he cannot identify potions with that skill. Furthermore, a star watcher cannot select alchemist discoveries as investigator talents. A star watcher can study a wizard’s spellbook or alchemist’s formula book to learn formulae, but a star watcher’s formula book is too esoteric for anyone except another star watcher to learn spells from.

This alters alchemy.

Starfinding (Ex)

A star watcher adds half his level (minimum 1) as a bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks. He can also use astrological methods to read people. By checking his star charts, he can use Knowledge (geography) in place of Sense Motive checks.

This replaces trapfinding and trap sense.

Investigator Talents: A star watcher can select the following talents, in addition to general investigator talents.

Horoscopic Scrolls (Su)

The star watcher gains Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat. He can use the feat to create an arcane scroll of any formula he knows. Unlike horoscopes created with the astrology ability, anyone capable of using arcane scrolls can cast a spell from these scrolls. Additionally, the star watcher can use scrolls as if he were an arcane spellcaster. He can use Knowledge (geography) to identify scrolls as if using detect magic. He must hold the scroll for 1 round to attempt such a check.

Precognition (Su)

A star watcher can glimpse into the mysterious possibilities of the future and prepare a horoscope he knows he’ll need later. Once per day as a swift action, a star watcher can treat an open extract slot as though he had prepared a horoscope keyed to himself in it, choosing one formula of the appropriate level from his formula book. A star watcher must be at least 4th level to select this talent.

Returning Star (Ex)

Whenever the star watcher uses a starknife as a thrown weapon against a target of his studied combat, the starknife automatically returns as if it had the returning property. The star watcher must have the shooting star investigator talent to select this talent.

Shooting Star (Ex)

A star watcher can calculate trajectories with terrifying accuracy. He can apply the benefits of studied combat, studied strike, and investigator talents that add effects to studied combat or studied strike while using a starknife as a thrown weapon.

Access to these additional talents replaces swift alchemy.

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