Skulking Hunter

The skulking hunter is an archetype of the hunter class.

Skulking hunters use their magic to lie in wait for their prey, ambushing them with a decisive, fatal strike.

Skulking Spells

A skulking hunter casts divine spells drawn from the druid, ranger, and sorcerer/wizard spell list. Only druid and sorcerer/wizard spells of 6th level and lower and ranger spells that belong to the enchantment, illusion, and transmutation schools are considered to be part of the skulking hunter’s spell list. If a spell appears on any combination of these spell lists, the skulking hunter uses the lower of the two spell levels listed for the spell.

This ability modifies the standard spells and orisons abilities and replaces nature training.

Studied Target (Ex)

At 1st level, the skulking hunter gains the slayer’s studied target class feature. She uses her hunter level as her effective slayer level to determine the effects of studied target. The skulking hunter shares the bonuses granted by her studied target ability with her animal companion as long as it is within 60 feet of her.

This ability replaces animal focus.

Stalker (Ex)

At 8th level, the skulking hunter gains his studied target bonus on Disguise, Intimidate, and Stealth checks against her studied opponent.

This ability replaces second animal focus.

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