No magical creature is more iconic than the medusa. Perhaps your lineage traces back to a medusa, or an ancestor survived a medusa’s petrifying gaze and was forever changed by the experience. However the medusa’s influence entered your bloodline, when you bloodrage, you gain fearsome and ancient powers.

Bonus Feats: Alertness, Blind-Fight, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Intimidating Prowess, Toughness.

Bonus Spells: Cause fear (7th), resist energy (10th), hold person (13th), stoneskin (16th).

Bloodline Powers: The cold fury of your cursed rage can freeze others in their tracks.

Gaze (Su)

At 1st level, you can harness the power of the medusa through your gaze. As a standard action, choose a creature within your line of sight who is within 30 feet of you. The creature must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw or have its speed halved for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1 round). The DC of this save is equal to 10 + half your bloodrager level + your Constitution modifier.

Gift of the Ancients (Su)

At 4th level, you gain a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against gaze attacks and to resist poison. You also gain a +2 competence bonus on Perception checks. At 8th level, these bonuses increase by 2.

Staggering Gaze (Su)

At 8th level, when a creature is affected by your gaze bloodline power, it is staggered in addition to being slowed.

Viper’s Touch (Su)

At 12th level, you grow two sets of venomous claws resembling the teeth of a serpent. These claws are primary natural attacks that deal 1d8 points of damage (1d6 if you are Small). The claws also gain the following poison ability:

Stone Resistance (Su)

At 16th level, you gain acid resistance 10 and are immune to disease, poison, and the sickened and staggered conditions. You also cannot be flanked.

True Petrification (Su)

At 20th level, you can use your gaze bloodline ability to permanently turn a creature to stone, as flesh to stone. You can still use the less powerful versions of your gaze if you do not wish to turn the target to stone, but you must declare this at the time of the attack.

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