Greater Consume Magic Items (Su)

The arcanist can consume the power of magic armor, weapons, rings, rods, and wondrous items (this exploit may not be used on artifacts). Using this ability is a move action, and this ability cannot be used on an object in the possession of an unwilling creature. When using this exploit, the arcanist adds a number of points to her arcane reservoir equal to 1/2 the caster level of the object, and the object gains the broken condition (or is destroyed if it already had the broken condition). Points gained in excess of the arcanist’s reservoir’s maximum are lost. Objects damaged through the use of this exploit may not be repaired by mundane means, or by any magic except miracle or wish. The arcanist must possess the consume magic items exploit before selecting this greater exploit.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Magic: 10 Arcanist Exploits, © 2016, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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