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Table: Arcanist Greater Exploits
Arcanist Exploit Prerequisites Description
Devotion (Su) Theurge arcanist exploit Spend one arcane reservoir point as a swift action to temporarily prepare a domain spell from the cleric domain chosen with theurge
Dimensional Seal (Su) Dimensional Slide arcanist exploit Spend one arcane reservoir point to prevent dimensional travel around you
Greater Consume Magic Items (Su) Consume Magic Items arcanist exploit You can consume magic armor, weapons, rings, rods, and wondrous items to refill your arcane reservoir
Greather Theurge (Su) Theurge arcanist exploit You gain the higher level ability of the cleric domain you seleected with theurge
Spell Leech (Su) Counterspell arcanist exploit When you successfully use the counterspell exploit, spend an additional arcane reservoir point to prepare that spell
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