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Table: Arcanist Exploits
Arcanist Exploit Description
Armored Caster (Ex) You can cast arcanist spells without incurring arcane spell failure chance while wearing armor
School Defense (Ex) You gain a bonus to dispel checks and saving throws against spells from one school of magic
Spell Improvisation (Su) Spend two arcane reservoir points as a swift action when casting a prepared spell to instead cast a spell of the same level from your spellbook
Theurge (Su) You gain the 1st-level powers of a cleric domain
Unfettered (Su) Add one spell from a spell list other than the sorcerer/wizard list to your spellbook and spell list at one higher spell level
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Book of Magic: 10 Arcanist Exploits, © 2016, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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