Redirect Spell (Su)

Exploit Level: Greater (this is a greater arcanist exploit.)

Benefit(s): As a standard action, you can expend 1 point from your arcane reservoir to make a caster level check opposed by the creature controlling a spell. If you are successful, you can direct the spell as a free action for 1 round, making any decisions allowed by the spell. This only functions on spells that can be directed or changed once they have been cast, such as flaming sphere or spiritual weapon.

The spell returns to its owner’s control at the start of your next turn, unless you expend another point from your arcane reservoir at the start of your turn to extend the duration of control by another round. You can continue to control the spell for as long as the spell lasts, provided you keep spending points from your arcane reservoir.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

S-Class Characters: Arcanists. Copyright 2021, Samurai Sheepdog. Author: Kevin Glusing.

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