Ex-Class Archetypes

What is an Ex-Class Archetype?

Some archetypes can be taken only by an “ex-member” of the indicated class immediately upon becoming an ex-member of that class, regardless of character level, replacing some or all of the lost class abilities. If another archetype the character had before she became an ex-member of her class replaces the same ability as the ex-class archetype, she loses the old archetype in favor of the new one; otherwise, she can retain both archetypes as normal. Ex-members of a class with one of the archetypes presented below can gain further levels in the class, even though becoming an ex-member of a class normally prohibits further advancement in the class.

While an ex-member of a class can recant her failings and atone for her fall from her original class (typically involving an atonement spell), her acceptance of her ex-class archetype means she must atone both for her initial fall and for further straying from the path. As a result, such a character must be the target of two atonement spells or a similar effect to regain her lost class features. Upon doing so, she immediately loses this archetype and regains her original class (and archetype, if she had one).

List of Ex-Classes

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