Prankster (Familiar Archetype)

Some familiars love to perform pranks on their unsuspecting masters, as well as on those around their masters—allies and enemies alike. While good-aligned pranksters’ tricks are usually good-natured except against foes, evil pranksters play tricks that are mean-spirited or even downright cruel.

Prankster Skills: A prankster treats Bluff, Disguise, Perform (comedy), and Sleight of Hand as class skills.

Autonomous Link (Ex)

A prankster can hide its feelings from its master via its empathic link at will. It can also try to project a false emotion through the link by attempting a Bluff check opposed by its master’s Sense Motive.

This alters empathic link.

Improved Dirty Trick (Ex)

A prankster gains Improved Dirty Trick as a bonus feat.

This replaces alertness.

Magical Pranks (Sp)

A prankster can cast ghost sound, mage hand, and prestidigitation at will as spell-like abilities. This replaces improved evasion and share spells.

Glib Comedy (Ex)

At 3rd level, a prankster gains a competence bonus equal to half its master’s class level on Bluff, Disguise, and Perform (comedy) checks.

This replaces deliver touch spells.

Greater Dirty Trick (Ex)

At 11th level, a prankster gains Greater Dirty Trick as a bonus feat.

This replaces spell resistance.

Unreliable Narrator (Sp)

At 13th level, whenever its master uses scry on familiar, a prankster can use false vision to fool that ability; this doesn’t affect any other divination (scrying) effects in the area, only its master’s scry on familiar ability.

This alters scry on familiar.

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