Decoy (Familiar Archetype)

Note: Familiar archetypes modify familiars’ standard abilities, similar to how class archetypes modify player characters’ class features. These archetypes function by swapping out certain abilities that are standard to common familiars for new abilities tailored to particular themes. Unless otherwise stated, levels referenced in this section refer to the familiar’s effective level, which is the master’s combined levels in the classes that grant that familiar.

A decoy misdirects its master’s enemies, allowing the master to strike by surprise.

Class Skills: A decoy treats Bluff as a class skill.


A decoy gains Deceitful as a bonus feat. This replaces alertness.

Mockingbird (Ex)

At 5th level, a decoy can speak any of its master’s languages. At 7th level, it can mimic its master’s voice and intonation perfectly.

This ability replaces speak with master and speak with animals of its kind.

Master’s Guise (Sp)

At 11th level, a decoy can transform into a perfect likeness of its master, as the alter self spell. It can hold this form for up to 1 minute per caster level; upon changing back, the decoy must remain in its natural form for an equal amount of time before transforming again.

This ability replaces spell resistance.

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