Nethervault Wizard

A Nethervault wizard has the following class features.

Class Skills

A Nethervault wizard gains Intimidate and Use Magic Device as additional class skills.

Brooding (Ex)

A Nethervault wizard spends much of his time contemplating his darkest inner thoughts. He never gains morale bonuses, and is immune to all fear effects and emotion-based effects.

Forbidden Lore (Ex)

A Nethervault wizard adds one-half his class level (minimum +1) to all Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, planes, and religion) skill checks and may make all Knowledge skill checks of those types untrained. This replaces arcane school.

Secret Language (Su)

On 1st level, a Nethervault wizard learns a secret language known as Nethervault in addition to any other language he knows.

Nethervault uses the Druidic alphabet. Fluency in Nethervault is a supernatural ability, and Nethervault cannot be learned by any creature without this class feature. Spells such as comprehend languages can still be used to understand Nethervault, and spells such as tongues can still be used to understand and speak it, as per their normal effects.

Forbidden Craft (Ex)

Starting at 8th level, a Nethervault wizard gain a +5 insight bonus on Spellcraft checks made to craft magic items whose prerequisites he does not meet. At 20th level, this bonus increases to +10 when he crafts an item with two or more prerequisites he does not meet. As normal, a Nethervault wizard cannot create an item without meeting its item creation feat prerequisites and cannot create a spell-completion or spell-trigger item without meeting all of its spell prerequisites.

Morbid Fascination (Ex)

Starting at 8th level, a Nethervault wizard’s studies of death and suffering have taught him ways of avoiding afflictions and other harm.

The Nethervault wizard gains a +4 insight bonus on all saving throws against curses, death effects, diseases, and poisons. At 20th level, he is immune to all curses, death effects, diseases, and poisons.

Dark Patronage (Ex)

At 9th level, a Nethervault wizard forges a pact with a mysterious, otherworldly patron who provides him with guidance when engaging in hazardous magical research. Whenever the Nethervault wizard’s Intelligence and Charisma scores would be decreased by the effects of a contact other plane spell, his Wisdom score is decreased instead. The Nethervault wizard does not lose the ability to cast arcane spells when his Wisdom is decreased in this manner. In addition, whenever the Nethervault wizard’s Wisdom score is 9 or higher, he can automatically tell when an entity he has contacted with a contact other plane spell is either lying or providing a random answer to one of his questions.

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Convergent Paths: Students of Arcanum Archetypes Copyright 2013 Steven D. Russell; Author: Eric Morton

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