Ruin Guardian (Zoog)

Certain zoog wizards take it upon themselves to serve as guardians for this site—and for any other mysterious ruin that may lie within or adjacent to zoog lands. These wizards are unusual among their kind in that they value history and legacies, and focus their magical studies with a singular goal—to protect the site from intrusions.

Whether the site is one sacred to zoogs or one they fear, the need to guard it remains.

Ruin Bond (Ex)

Instead of choosing a familiar or object as an arcane bond, a ruin guardian selects a ruin to bond with. This ruin must be something constructed and abandoned at least 50 years before the wizard was born, and can be something as minor as a stone or statue or as extensive as an entire abandoned city or necropolis. In the latter case, the ruin guardian must select one location in the ruin as the focus of his bond. As long as the ruin guardian is within 1 mile per character level of this focus, the wizard gains a bonus equal to his Intelligence modifier to all Perception and Sense Motive checks. The wizard can cast spells with ease anywhere, but if he casts spells within 1 mile per wizard level of his bonded ruin, he gains a +4 bonus on all caster level checks (including concentration checks).

A ruin guardian instinctively knows if any creature damages his bonded ruin, or if any creature removes treasure or valuables from the ruin. He doesn’t know the identity of the creature or where in the ruin the event occurred, but can sense the disruption even across planar boundaries.

A ruin guardian never suffers a chance for failure when he teleports into his bonded ruin.

While bonded to a ruin, a ruin guardian must perform a special ritual to switch to a different ruin.

This ritual takes 8 hours to complete and costs 200 gp per wizard level.

This ability replaces arcane bond.

Alertness (Ex)

A ruin guardian gains Alertness as a bonus feat.

This ability replaces Scribe Scroll.

Defensive Aura (Sp)

Once per day as a swift action, a ruin guardian within range of his bonded ruin can expend a prepared spell to gain an insight bonus to his Armor Class and on all saving throws equal to 1 + half the level of the spell sacrificed. This bonus lasts for 10 minutes per wizard level, or until the ruin guardian moves outside of the radius of his ruin bond.

This ability replaces one arcane school ability the wizard normally gains at 1st level.

Ruin Link (Su)

At 5th level, a ruin guardian can choose to create a link to a ruin other than his bonded ruins. He can inscribe a series of runes upon the ruins to establish a link between his bonded ruin and the new ruins, despite any distance between the two ruins. Inscribing the runes to link the ruins takes 1 hour and requires the expenditure of 100 gp in rare inks. Once established, the ruin guardian treats an area in a 1 mile radius around the runes as part of his bonded ruin. A ruin guardian can maintain a number of ruin links equal to his Intelligence modifier; if he creates a ruin link in excess of this number, a link of his choice fades.

This ability replaces the bonus feat the wizard normally gains at 5th level.

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Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos, © 2017, Petersen Games; Authors: Sandy Petersen, Arthur Petersen, Ian Starcher.

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